Jim Dey

Jim Dey

Jim Dey | For those with clout, employment rules differ

Given all the rules that bar governmental bodies in Illinois from hiring people based on their political connections, it's not as easy as it once was for the average Joe to get a job based strictly on clout.

Jim Dey | Madigan sticks to script

Owing to his unrivaled political power, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has a habit of dominating the news in Chicago and Springfield.

But last week was truly something special.

Even by Madigan standards, the all-powerful Chicago Democrat made a big splash.

Jim Dey | Food trucks-vs.-restaurants battle reaches Illinois Supreme Court

Food servers battled food servers last week in a legal case that bubbled up, literally, from the sidewalks of Chicago all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Jim Dey | Can entering a house you were invited into be home invasion?

Marcelus Witherspoon and his girlfriend had a problem.

They liked to fight with each other almost as much as they liked to be together.

One day, Witherspoon's girlfriend — known only a S.L. — invited him over to her residence for what turned out to be fun and fury.

Jim Dey | Politics in Illinois, Chicago rotten but entertaining

There's little doubt that the state of Illinois holds a special rank when it comes to public corruption.

But the state's noxious politics pales in comparison to that of Chicago, the city of big shoulders and even bigger crooks.

Jim Dey | For marijuana, full steam ahead seems inevitable

Judging from his rhetoric as a candidate and his announced priorities as the new governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker is so enthusiastic about legalizing marijuana that he would happily hand out samples in schoolyards and urge recipients to share them with their parents.

Jim Dey | Is Illinois' FOIA statute a sword or a shield?

Earlier this month, lawyers representing thousands of Illinois prison inmates and the state reached an out-of-court settlement in which Illinois officials agreed to provide improved health care services for those behind bars.

Jim Dey | State's bet on expanded gambling poses risks

With Illinois in desperate financial shape and a new governor taking office who advocates costly new social spending plans, the state is desperate for new revenue.

So, once again, legislators who traditionally look for easy ways out of vexing problems are looking for an easy way out.

That's why a dramatic expansion of gambling is on the table again in Illinois.

Jim Dey | Pardon in hand, former Illini star Matt Sinclair plots next step

Jan. 11 — just nine days ago — was a date that former University of Illinois football player Matt Sinclair and former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner anticipated with excitement — but for very different reasons.

Jim Dey | Illinois Supreme Court may give juvenile killer a break on sentence

When it comes to juveniles who commit murder, how long of a prison sentence is too long, at least in the constitutional sense?

That was a question the Illinois Supreme Court wrestled with Tuesday in just one of a series of pending cases that raise that very question.