Jim Dey

Jim Dey

Jim Dey | Schock corruption case on slow boat to final resolution

Nothing, it seems, takes longer than a federal prosecution, particularly when the defendant won't go quietly and then prosecutors and the judge screw up.

That's the story with former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock, the Peoria Republican who is accused of mishandling campaign funds and government travel reimbursements.

Jim Dey | McCann is now all in for Illinois Democrats

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, and nowhere is that reality more clear than in a Democratic labor union's investment in the third-party "conservative" candidacy of downstate state Sen. Sam McCann.

Jim Dey | How long of a sentence is too long for young offenders?

Judging from the bare facts, Illinois prison inmate Darien Harris is a hard case.

Convicted of both murder and attempted murder, he's not scheduled to be released from prison until 2082 — 64 years from now. Two of the nine tattoos on his arms and hands — "Only God Can Judge Me" and "Savage Family" — speak clearly about his tough-minded outlook on life.

Jim Dey | Almost everything is going state Democrats' way

It's the best of times — for Illinois Democrats.

It's the worst of times — for Illinois Republicans.

Jim Dey | Citizen letting his feet do the talking on reform in Springfield

"Walking Jim" Coxworth, a businessman from the Chicago suburb of St. Charles, knows a good idea when he borrows one.

That's why he's closing in on the end of a 187-mile, 13-day, one-man walk to bring political change to Illinois.

Jim Dey | I've got a feeling ... about new litmus tests

The University of Michigan, target of a federal lawsuit challenging its speech code, laid its cards on the table when it came to encouraging students to report any instance of "bias" on campus.

"... the most important indication of bias is your own feelings," the code stated.

Jim Dey | Woe to the judge who says 'no' to final arguments

Two months ago, a state appeals court overturned the conviction of a St. Joseph man who was sentenced to 20 years in prison because the trial judge denied the defendant's lawyer the opportunity to make a final argument on his client's behalf.

Jim Dey | Wrong track? No, Illinois has jumped the track

If the natives are restless, there's a good reason why.

Scratch that — the natives are definitely restless.

A couple weeks ago, a public opinion poll conducted by NPR Illinois and the Center for State Policy and Leadership at the University of Illinois-Springfield revealed that the people of Illinois are, to put it mildly, disillusioned with their state government.

Jim Dey | After Janus loss, unions again playing defense

When Bruce Rauner ran for governor of Illinois four years ago, he pledged to "shake up Springfield."

Rauner did shake up Springfield, but he didn't change it much. It's still the same rat hole, buried in debt, deficits and the derision of angry Illinois residents.

Jim Dey | Game show host chairs political 'conversation'

This is a wild year for politicians and politics, one that exceeds the usual fratricide.

Here are some examples from both inside and outside of Illinois:

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