Jim Rossow

Jim Rossow

Top of the Morning, Aug. 23, 2018

I figured since BRYAN HOLDERFIELD is happily retired, he'd spill the beans about all that high-tech stuff that happens at Beckman Institute on the University of Illinois campus.

I figured wrong.

"Roof still leaks after 29 years," was the best scoop he offered up. "The rest is top secret. Research at work."

Top of the Morning, Aug. 22, 2018

While many of their fraternity brothers headed to campus watering hole Red Lion on Monday nights last fall, UI seniors DYLAN REETZ and AUSTIN PLETSCH took a different approach.

They attended Lions Club meetings in Mahomet.

Top of the Morning, Aug. 21, 2018

The purpose of CAROL VOREL's one-of-its-kind podcast/print series — "Cold Cases" — is to shed light on unsolved area crimes.

So the longtime News-Gazette Media reporter was satisfied to learn that an arrest had been made in the murder of GUS EDWARDS, a cold case Vorel dissected in June.

Top of the Morning, Aug. 19, 2018

Bill Gray's been on the job a long time.

"I vividly recall Larry Smarr, then head of the Beckman Institute, in 1993 telling city staff that there is this thing called the internet and a way to surf the internet that is going to revolutionize how we communicate and share information," he said. "Boy, was he right."

Top of the Morning, Aug. 18, 2018

Unlike the towns' high school football teams, employees at sister banks in Arcola and Tuscola get along just fine.

Still, president and CEO DALE BOYER has to be careful when picking out his wardrobe.

Top of the Morning, Aug. 16, 2018

It's a busy stretch at Frasca Field in Urbana:


Top of the Morning, Aug. 4, 2018

Eight days after his wife strolled into the clubhouse at Lincolnshire Fields Country Club with news of her hole-in-one, JERRY GORMAN did the same thing Thursday in Champaign.

"As I was walking in, I'm thinking, 'Am I going to have to take a polygraph test?'" Jerry said. "It's got to be very odd. For it to occur eight days within each other ... crazy."

Top of the Morning, Aug. 2, 2018

An avid runner, BARRY HOUSER isn't worried about daily trips to the top of the brand new RONALD and PAULA FILLER Marching Illini Instructional Tower, some 60 feet high in the heart of campus.

"In another 20 years," the energetic Marching Illini director said, "we're talking about a different story."

Top of the Morning, Aug. 1, 2018

Inclusion is every bit as important any instrument to MIKE ALLEN. That's why Centennial High's director of bands is looking forward to Thursday's excursion to the St. Louis area.

"The trip is about way more than band," he said.

Top of the Morning, July 31, 2018

Longtime crime and courts reporter MARY SCHENK was on hand when News-Gazette Media was honored as "Outstanding Media Organization of the Year" by the Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association.