Julie Wurth

Julie Wurth

Sexual-misconduct allegations have UI's attention

URBANA — With two prominent cases made public in the past two weeks, the University of Illinois is moving to address the contentious issue of sexual harassment on campus.

Long early-voting line at Illini Union discussed at UI Senate panel meeting

URBANA — A student member of the University of Illinois Senate Executive Committee raised concerns about long voting lines at the Illini Union during the panel's meeting Monday night.

UI police officer's behavior went unchecked for years

URBANA — A campus sexual-harassment investigation has concluded that the University of Illinois Police Department failed to stop repeated inappropriate behavior by one of its veteran training officers, particularly toward new female recruits, documents show.

UI teaming up with 3 Chicago institutions on quantum research

CHICAGO — Unbreakable coded messages.

Medical images with unprecedented resolution of the human body, down to single proteins.

Environmental sensors with unique insights into the planet's behavior.

UI chancellor addresses controversy surrounding law school prof

CHAMPAIGN — Chancellor Robert Jones apologized to faculty members Monday for the disruption caused by a law professor's "unacceptable and inexcusable behavior" and vowed to work with the Academic Senate to improve the way sexual-harassment cases are handled across campus.

UI deans call for changes to faculty sexual harassment policies

CHAMPAIGN — Deans at the University of Illinois are calling for more tools to deal with sexual misconduct allegations against faculty members.

Willard Airport launches campaign urging C-U to 'Fly Local'

SAVOY — American Airlines flights out of Willard are essentially at capacity, and bookings for its first direct service to Charlotte, N.C., in December are strong, says Airport Executive Director Gene Cossey.

Star students to mark Holonyak's legacy as 'national treasure' turns 90

URBANA — The latest in Nick Holonyak's lifetime of honors: a 90th birthday party featuring his star students celebrating his legacy.

Holonyak, the emeritus professor of engineering at the University of Illinois known as the father of the LED, is turning 90 on Nov. 3.

UI law school dean: 'I'm deeply sorry'

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CHAMPAIGN — Challenged by a student leader, the dean of the University of Illinois College of Law apologized to law students Wednesday for the sexual-harassment case involving Professor Jay Kesan and its aftermath.

Law faculty call on UI to overhaul sexual-misconduct policies

CHAMPAIGN — Faculty and senior administrators at the University of Illinois College of Law — including Dean Vikram Amar — are calling on the university to overhaul its policies governing sexual-misconduct investigations, saying the sanctions against law Professor Jay Kesan did not go far enough.