Julie Wurth

Julie Wurth

UI returns to top 50 in magazine's annual college rankings

URBANA — The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is back in the top 50 in the annual U.S. News & World Report college rankings, reversing a two-year slide.

The latest rankings, published Monday, have the UI's flagship campus at No. 46 among national universities, up from 52 in last year and third-highest of the 14 Big Ten schools.

Surprise visit has patrons at Urbana's Caffe Paradiso in, well, paradise

URBANA — Dana Yun's most famous customer ordered black tea and, upon her recommendation, the homemade tiramisu — then realized he didn't have any cash.

"Somebody have my wallet?" former President Barack Obama asked his staff during his surprise visit Friday to Caffe Paradiso in Urbana.

LIVE! Obama at the UI

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Obama: Reject 'politics of fear,' find common ground — and vote

URBANA — Warning of dire threats to democracy from the “politics of fear,” former President Barack Obama on Friday urged Americans to reject apathy and vote in November.

Experts: Obama's speech will likely echo themes from McCain eulogy

If he holds true to form, Barack Obama may not call out President Donald Trump by name in his speech at the University of Illinois today, experts say.

But it will be hard not to hear what the former president says as a critique, given the uproar in Washington, D.C., right now, says communication Professor John Murphy, a specialist on presidential rhetoric and campaign speeches.

Ticket or not, many excited about Obama's visit to UI campus

URBANA — Jake Elling is among the lucky 1.7 percent.

The University of Illinois sophomore was one of 756 students out of roughly 45,000 on the Urbana campus randomly selected to see former President Barack Obama speak at Foellinger Auditorium on Friday.

'I would never pass up a chance to see a living president'

URBANA — For Chicago native Will Newton, who is traveling here Friday from the University of Illinois Springfield campus, the opportunity to hear former President Barack Obama is "amazing" both personally and professionally.

Campus Conversation: Kevin Hamilton

University of Illinois Professor KEVIN HAMILTON spent 10 years investigating the secret Lookout Mountain military film studio near Hollywood that documented U.S. nuclear tests during the Cold War — with help from Jimmy Stewart and Marilyn Monroe.

Hot ticket: 944 UI students selected to attend Obama's speech

URBANA — Almost 950 students at the University of Illinois won the Obama lottery Tuesday night.

Obama's visit: 22,611 students signed up for 1,300 seats

It's safe to say that 11 a.m. classes at the University of Illinois next Friday — and there are 433 of them — might have a few empty seats.

That's when former President Barack Obama will be on campus, speaking to just over 1,000 students at Foellinger Auditorium, an address that will be live-streamed online to thousands more.