Kathy Sweedler

Kathy Sweedler

Family Checkbook | Financial coaching a new trend

"Where can I receive help with my money management?" is a question that I hear regularly.

Many financial professionals, with different credentials and approaches, assist people with investing decisions but historically not many help with personal financial goals related to managing daily spending, saving for personal goals and managing debt.

Family Checkbook | Multigenerational living challenging, beneficial

Who do you live with? Do you live alone or with others? How has this changed for you over your life? Many people today live in households with adults from different generations (multigenerational). In fact, in 2016 a record 64 million people — 20 percent of the U.S. population — lived with multiple generations under one roof.

Family Checkbook | Decrease food cost and waste by planning

One thing we all have in common: We need food.

Likely, every week you spend money on food. How can you keep your costs down?

Planning our food purchases and comparison-shopping can help. Planning your meals helps keep food costs down and decreases food wastage as well.

Planning includes:

— Checking what's in your cupboard, refrigerator and freezer.

Family Checkbook | Helping youth develop strong financial skills

During the summer, our schedules tend to shift and we have a little more time for different activities.

If you have youth and teens in your life, then this summer may be an excellent time to promote the skills and knowledge they need to be good financial managers as adults.