Loren Tate

Loren Tate

Tate | Not all programs grade recruits on a curve

To present a reputation as a renowned research institution is not necessarily advantageous in college basketball recruiting.

Who said that?

Let's begin with the fact that the University of Illinois has tighter enrollment policies than most universities.

Several more athletes, acceptable at other Power 5 schools, have recently been turned away for academic reasons.

Tate | Rule benders still reap big rewards

Mixed basketball memories from the early 2000s will be revived when the Illini play an early-season game next season against Arizona in Tucson.

A nationally-covered feud began with a rough-and-tumble clash in Hawaii in November 2001. Luke Walton blocked Cory Bradford's corner trey in the closing seconds to save a 79-76 win for the No. 1-ranked Wildcats.

Tate | Illini softball gets boost before Big Ten tourney

The great fault with women's fast-pitch softball is the same one that signaled the virtual end of the once-popular men's sport in the past century.

It's too "fast-pitch." Male underarm slingers became too overpowering (and besides, the men had baseball).

Tate | Coaching carousel still turns in college basketball

On opposite coasts, the stop-start basketball coaching searches at UCLA and St. John's showed themselves as awkward, bumbling and, most important, revealing two once-proud programs as residing in the past.

The Westwood home of John Wooden, having ousted Steve Alford in December, ran afoul of the massive contracts of John Calipari, Jamie Dixon and Rick Barnes.

Tate | As times change, so do morals in college sports

Steadily, as a people, we are shaving away at our moral values ... slipping to the unprincipled side of right and wrong.

Tate | Underwood's challenge evident in probe aftermath

Just because you are floored with a black eye, that doesn't mean you can't win the fight.

Tate | Football's hope rests with seasoned Illini

This won't convince friends mired in doubt, but it is not inappropriate to project a positive side of Illini football, even in facing repugnant evidence to the contrary.

Tate | The Whiz Kids wowed — then were called to war

It is incongruous to describe the 1940s as an "era of innocence" when that decade was consumed by a savage world war.

Tate | Repairing brand vital to UI

In the curtain raiser for Thursday's long day of basketball, Minnesota's historically inconsistent program prevailed over a collegiate blueblood, 86-76.

Tate | For Illini to challenge Big Ten's best, they need more help

With the pressuring, over-guarding defensive system Brad Underwood has installed, forced turnovers are critical to Illini basketball success.