Loren Tate

Loren Tate

Tate | Sensible fixes to save sports

Imagine all the things you'd like to change about sports.

Me too.

Like removing college football from the gender equity equation, and equalizing men and women scholarship numbers without Division I football's monstrous numbers (85).

Tate | Outlook brightens for Illini, but next few weeks will be even more revealing

A caustic tweet, soon removed, revealed the swelling Illini football-basketball frustration:

“Being an Illini fan is kind of like slowly dying in a field during the Civil War.” 

Tate | UI upset adds to dizzying hoops irregularities

Michigan, oops! Kansas, oh my! Think about these Saturday upsets when you try to make sense of Illinois' unexpected 95-68 — not the win, but the margin — basketball romp over Minnesota on Wednesday.

No one in college basketball is immune to these irregularities.

Tate | Roster upgrades help Illini football, but defense remains liability

Lovie Smith's late additions — Keith Randolph, Shammond Cooper, Jeff Thomas (oops, is he re-reverting?), Luke Ford and A.D. Miller — have upgraded the Illinois football roster and changed the school's recruiting grade.

A breath of fresh air.

Tate | Illinois basketball's decline a long time in the making

A swinging door works best in a western tavern, not in a college basketball program.

Since February 2007, when freshman Brian Carlwell was injured in a car driven by teammate Jamar Smith, the Illini men's basketball program has been marked by major disruptions, and by players coming and going. At an astonishing rate.

Tate | Langford's pick of IU highlights sway of Adidas

Romeo is in love again ... 400-plus years later with college basketball and Indiana University.

And, who knows, the 19-year-old with the Shakespearean name, Romeo Langford, may ultimately extend this romantic attachment beyond a nine-month affair, which is so often not the case with the game's one-and-dones.

Tate | Quality of in-state basketball is sinking

Maybe Oct. 29, 2018 won't be recorded as a "date of infamy."

But for basketball fans of this state to see Golden State splash 92 first-half points against the Bulls in Chicago, it was certainly low tide. Imagine. Nearly a hundred. In a half.

Tate | For all of Knight's wins at IU, Henson has the better legacy

For me, a man's legacy in life is adjudged not in banked gold, but by what he means to all those who survive.

As examples, Bill Cosby won't be remembered for his comedic brilliance, nor Rod Blagojevich for his electoral success. Shame will attend their funerals.

Tate | Tamas' team offers feel-good story for starving fan base

More than anything, long-suffering Illini fans needed something to cheer about ... a spirit lifter ... a team to truly get lost in.

Tate | Illinois on wrong side of recent football history

It was shivering cold outside the Illini football locker room at Northwestern in 1987 when coach Mike White walked up and whispered in my ear:

"This was bad. If you want to call for my resignation, go ahead. I deserve it."