Loren Tate

Loren Tate

Tate | Football's hope rests with seasoned Illini

This won't convince friends mired in doubt, but it is not inappropriate to project a positive side of Illini football, even in facing repugnant evidence to the contrary.

Tate | The Whiz Kids wowed — then were called to war

It is incongruous to describe the 1940s as an "era of innocence" when that decade was consumed by a savage world war.

Tate | Repairing brand vital to UI

In the curtain raiser for Thursday's long day of basketball, Minnesota's historically inconsistent program prevailed over a collegiate blueblood, 86-76.

Tate | For Illini to challenge Big Ten's best, they need more help

With the pressuring, over-guarding defensive system Brad Underwood has installed, forced turnovers are critical to Illini basketball success.

Tate | Forward-thinking Delany still not without his critics

The basketball-mad Atlantic Coast Conference will move to 20 league games next season, following the lead of Jim Delany's forward-thinking Big Ten.

Tate | Glaring hole in roster leaves UI lagging behind

Matchups. Bad matchups. Overpowered. Outmuscled.

These words best explain why the Big Ten's worst rebounding team, Illinois, has ongoing basketball troubles. Use of three guards in a lineup will work, but it's doubly difficult without a 1-2 power punch in the front line.

Take coach Brad Underwood's words.

Tate | Zion's injury a cautionary tale for other hoops stars

Emotion flowed from the words of North Carolina State wide receiver Kelvin Harmon:

"I have prayed and discussed the path forward with my family, and we have decided that it is time to proceed to the next chapter of my life."

Tate | Illinois football has talent, but for how long?

Equally uplifting alongside volleyball's run to the Final Four is the upcoming talent that UI coach Chris Tamas will have to work with. They'll continue to draw optimistic crowds.

Tate | Tables sure have turned for UI after tough start

Back on Dec. 2, Tim Miles' jokes drew a chuckle.

His Nebraska basketball team was fresh off a 75-60 rout of Illinois and headed toward an 11-2 start. Dreams of gaining the school's first-ever NCAA victory were real.

Tate | Sensible fixes to save sports

Imagine all the things you'd like to change about sports.

Me too.

Like removing college football from the gender equity equation, and equalizing men and women scholarship numbers without Division I football's monstrous numbers (85).