Lyndsay Jones

Lyndsay Jones

Health district educators ensuring middle-schoolers get comprehensive sex ed

CHAMPAIGN — "Don't have sex because you will get pregnant and die!"

The fictional Coach Carr of the movie "Mean Girls" might be the source of that quote, but the message is one Whitney Greger remembers from her own school's sex education — and hopes to prevent years later in her work with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District.

Unit 4 school district agrees to buy family's house

CHAMPAIGN — Not long ago, the Champaign school board deemed the house at 617 W. Church St., C, unneeded for its plans.

But on Tuesday evening, the Unit 4 school district agreed to pay $298,000 and become that property's owner, ending a years-long state of "limbo" for Tim and Deb Bowers, the current owners.

Deb Bowers called the sale a relief.

Unit 4 and CFT's 8th round of negotiations breaks down, despite mediator

CHAMPAIGN — Inside the Mellon Administrative Center,Unit 4 officials and a federal mediator prepared for the latest round of negotiations.

Outside Monday afternoon, members of the Champaign Federation of Teachers circled together, rallying in support of their union's efforts to negotiate with the district that same night.

UPDATE: Unit 4, teachers union negotiations break down

UPDATE: Champaign Federation of Teachers union Second Vice President Michelle Anderson told The News-Gazette that negotiations with the Unit 4 School District broke down at 7:30 p.m. Monday.

She said the two sides stopped negotiating for the night.

Anderson said that union members will hold a strike authorization vote at 4 p.m. on Thursday.

Urbana school board president on discipline approach: Great idea, terrible execution

URBANA — Abandoning tradition, a somber Urbana school board President John Dimit delivered a statement at the board's meeting Tuesday night that expressed both confidence in the district's new behavioral system as well as deep concerns with its implementation.

Teacher of the Week: Scott DeWitt

Meet SCOTT DeWITT, a Tuscola High School math teacher who didn't plan on ending up in the classroom, but regrets nothing about his transition from the business sector to the education sector.

UI's Integrated Bioprocessing Research Lab finally 'across finish line'

URBANA — Twenty years, two budget cuts and several billion dollars in funding later, the University of Illinois' Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory held what Chancellor Robert Jones called its "final grand opening" Thursday afternoon.

Jones thanked those who "persevered through the years to bring this very exciting facility across the finish line."

Urbana High principal: Discipline overhaul still in early stages

URBANA — Public debate surrounding changes the Urbana school district made to its disciplinary procedures has usually come from adults — concerned parents and grandparents, or school staff eager to explain the process.

But at a town hall Tuesday in the Urbana High School cafeteria, at least two students came to be heard.

Champaign teachers take protest over stalled contract talks to board

CHAMPAIGN — A protest led by teachers over stalled contract negotiations, a plea from a real-estate lawyer for the district to speed up negotiations with the homeowners he represents and the re-inclusion of lights at a renovated McKinley Field all made appearances at Monday night's school board meeting.

Urbana school board sets emergency meeting over safety issues

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URBANA — The Urbana school board has scheduled an emergency public meeting Sunday to address safety issues at Urbana High.