Lyndsay Jones

Lyndsay Jones

Top of the Morning, Sept. 22, 2018

The odds were about 1 in 32, but they turned out to be in ASHLEY MAYOR's favor.

The Carrie Busey fourth-grade teacher was among 4,000 selected from a 127,000-plus pool of entrants to receive $500 from the JAMES PATTERSON and Scholastic Book Clubs Giveaway.

Parents have one word for Urbana's French dual-language program: Enchanté

URBANA — Much has been made over the multimillion-dollar upgrade to Yankee Ridge Elementary School this year. With larger classrooms and windows and a large gym named after a former Olympian, it's difficult not to see what's new.

But one thing new to the building — and the district — is perhaps better heard than seen: The school houses the district's new French dual-language program.

Open house to show community how farm sparks students' outdoor interests

CHAMPAIGN — If you had asked an eighth-grade Mona Jawd about her future in edible landscaping, you might have gotten a blank stare in response.

But pose the same question to the now-high school senior at Centennial, and you'll get far more.

"It's something I became really passionate about — it's part of my calling," Jawd said.

Teacher of the Week: Melissa Ward

Meet MELISSA WARD, a kindergarten teacher at Ruth M. Schneider Elementary School in Farmer City. During math class, you can find the some-years-a-first-grade-teacher and some-years-a-kindergarten-teacher being "silly" with her students — a hallmark of her classrooms.

Urbana parents, staff unsatisfied with district's approach to discipline

URBANA — Nearly a month into the school year, parents and staff are still looking to district administrators for solutions to discipline issues raised earlier this year.

St. Thomas More students get a bipartisan congressional visit

CHAMPAIGN — The students at the High School of St. Thomas More had done their homework.

By the time U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, arrived Wednesday morning with Rep. Jimmy Panetta, D-Calif., in tow for a talk on bipartisanship, students had prepared questions that showed they were, at least in general, paying attention.

Teacher of the Week: Sarah Brown

Meet SARAH BROWN, who's living her dream of small-town teaching every day at Fisher Elementary.

Unit 4 contractor: Adjusting cost estimates ‘just kind of a part of what we do’

CHAMPAIGN — Keep the new Dr. Howard Elementary a two-strand school that could one day feel cramped if enrollment keeps trending up?

Or, add $1 million to the budgeted expense and transform it into a three-strand structure the student body likely won't outgrow?

Burnham Mansion stands no more: 'It is surreal in the most awful way'

CHAMPAIGN — On the final morning, there were no protests.

No one came with signs, no one chanted in dissent, no one held any demonstrations.

Instead, the handful of onlookers who gathered Tuesday to witness the final day of the Burnham Mansion stood quietly, some silently shaking their heads, others preoccupied with taking video on their phones.

Burnham Mansion coming down today

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CHAMPAIGN — Goodbye, Burnham Mansion.