Lyndsay Jones

Lyndsay Jones

5 area districts listed for racial disparities in discipline practices

Racial disparity in the discipline practices of five area school districts could soon lead to action by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Champaign, Danville, Georgetown, Hoopeston Area and Westville are on a preliminary list of 84 districts statewide that ISBE has flagged for patterns of disparity in suspensions or expulsions over the past three academic years.

Mysterious $10,000 donation to RACES turns out to be clerical error

CHAMPAIGN — What's the difference between winning a sweepstakes and the unexpected $10,000 that came via the mail for those at Rape Advocacy, Counseling and Education Services last week?

The check delivered to RACES turned out to be a clerical mistake.

CERL camp has kids blasting off into STEM, Army careers

CHAMPAIGN — Soda. Mentos. Blast-off.

The combination is a backyard classic, but this week, the mini-explosions weren't coming from anyone's property. Instead, a young crowd was blasting off at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Construction Engineering Research Laboratory in Champaign.

Student-lunch debts at 3 Champaign schools erased with crowdfunding

CHAMPAIGN — Knocking off more than $3,000 from Unit 4's remaining student-lunch-debt balance was as easy as 1-2-3 GoFundMe campaigns.

Mahomet-Seymour superintendent's first year pays off with new 5-year deal

MAHOMET — The Mahomet-Seymour school board rewarded Lindsey Hall for what President Max McComb called a "huge first year" as superintendent, signing off on a new five-year contract Monday night.

Hall, who was hired away from the Morton school district at a starting salary of $187,960, would be bumped up to $215,790 by the final year of the new deal, her sixth as superintendent.

For Champaign school district, it's a summer of relocation

CHAMPAIGN — It's a summerlong installment of trading spaces for many Unit 4 departments and staffers.

It's also a sort of farewell to the Mellon Administrative Center: By this school year, the site for Unit 4 administrative staff and board meetings will be christened the Center for Family & Community Engagement at Mellon and new staff will fill the building at 703 S. New St.

Unit 4 board agrees to extend deadline for moving Burnham to Aug. 10

CHAMPAIGN — Mark your calendars for Aug. 10.

After two district-set deadlines came and went, the preservationist aiming to save the Burnham Mansion and the Champaign school board decided Monday evening to reset the terms of their agreement.

Expanded library card access slows students' summer 'slide'

CHAMPAIGN — Leave sliding for the water parks this summer.

In an effort to decrease the likelihood of "summer slide" for some students — the academic loss they face if they don't learn at all over the summer — the Champaign Public Library and Unit 4 struck a deal that gives previously excluded district students a chance to use the library.

Sky's the limit at Academy High's new summer camp

CHAMPAIGN — Ask Benjamin Khachaturian what the future looks like, and he'll tell you he sees drones.

And after this week, the nearly 15 kids he has been leading at an Academy High School-sponsored summer camp on drones might feel the same way.

Unit 4 admins brainstorm ways to push back against 'pushout' of black girls

CHAMPAIGN — In one word, the problem is referred to as "pushout."

In more words, pushout is a term for a phenomenon in which young black girls and women are devalued because of deeply entrenched misconceptions, ones that usually relate to appearance or behavior.