Meg Dickinson

Meg Dickinson

Meg Makes | Alfredo sauce puts heavy cream to savory use

We recently had some extra-heavy whipping cream in our fridge that needed to be used. It's not a common ingredient in our house.

I voted for whipping it up and eating it with a spoon, but my husband more practically decided to incorporate it into a meal.

Meg Makes | Banana bread perfect for leftover peaches

My mom is a prolific gardener, which means she often shares fruits and vegetables for me to freeze and enjoy later.

At this time of year, I try to start pulling out the last of those stashes, because I don't want them to go bad.

Plus, I'll need room to freeze a new harvest.

Meg Makes | Putting surplus bananas to use in pancakes

My 15-month-old daughter, Sylvia, loves eating bananas for breakfast. They're a finicky fruit, though — it seems they're perfectly ripe for about five minutes before they start to go bad.

So when we recently found ourselves with more bananas than a toddler could eat, we decided to concoct banana pancakes.

Meg Makes | Homemade Payday squares have softer nougat

This recipe is an old favorite from my grandma, Bobbie Thilmony. It's modeled after the popular candy bar, but I like this version better, because the peanut-butter nougat is softer than its mainstream counterpart.

This recipe doubles well — you can make it for a crowd, but that doesn't mean your squares will last long!

Meg Makes | Warm up with some spicy-sweet pie

There's nothing like a blast of winter weather to put you in the mood for pie.

My husband, Rob, concocted this because he was looking for a way to combine sweet potato and coconut in a dessert. The mascarpone cheese is a creamy binder that will take on any flavor you add.

Meg Makes | Making the most of cranberry season

One of my family's favorite things about the holiday season: the availability of fresh cranberries at the grocery store.

I enjoy them in savory dishes, but they were also perfect combined with apples in this tangy baked dessert.

Meg Makes | Bars offer pecan fix for those sick of pie

If you're not into pecan pie but are still looking for a nutty dessert this holiday season, these bars could be for you.

My co-worker Rody Negangard shared this recipe with me — she makes it often after discovering it in a favorite cookbook.

Meg Makes | No-bake pie perfect for pumpkin fix

No doubt, this season has many of us thinking about pumpkin-flavored desserts. I've got an excellent one, should you have a need.

Connie Ross of Loda shared the recipe after she made this for my baby shower last fall. It's a family favorite, she told me.

Meg Makes | Cast-iron skillet key to tasty cobbler

Donna Huls is a special co-worker and friend — and also keeper of the best recipes.

For example, today's dish, which originated on the "Family Savvy" blog. Huls says it's the best blackberry cobbler she's ever made, and that the secret is likely in the cast-iron skillet.

Meg Makes | Making the most of a zucchini bounty

I think late summer is my favorite season for food. I can eat tomatoes from my mom's garden like apples, and there's always plenty of squash, zucchini and green beans for a fresh side dish.