Natalie Wickman

Natalie Wickman

Champaign looks to broaden diversity incentive program

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign City council members will vote this week on expanding diversity incentive payments to any project commissioned by the city of Champaign.

As of now, such incentives are only used in Champaign's public works department, which focuses on infrastructure, buildings, land and vehicle equipment. There are 15 other city departments.

C-U's first shareable bikes expected to hit streets at start of UI semester

URBANA — With agreements almost finalized, VeoRide is set to become the first dockless-bike-share service in Champaign-Urbana.

Lily Wilcock, active transportation coordinator at the University of Illinois, said the Indiana-based company gave her serial numbers for 500 bicycles — the biggest fleet size allowed. The goal, she said, is to roll them out around the start of the semester.

Champaign council members voice concerns about night football at McKinley

CHAMPAIGN — When you buy a home, Tim Turner said, you expect your kids to play there.

Champaign Central High School's longtime assistant and new head football coach applies that thinking to his own Maroons players, who still have to travel to Centennial to play their "home" games on Tommy Stewart Field.

Urbana council gives initial OK to letting city staff e-file some records

URBANA — The city council gave initial approval Monday to an agreement that would allow city staff to record certain documents electronically.

City to talk Unit 4 referendum plans

CHAMPAIGN — Two days before school starts in Unit 4, the city council will review a plan for Champaign schools' referendum-related construction, one that includes chopping down trees, removing streetlights and making room for buses.

UPDATE: Westbound I-74 cleared after 2 crashes east of Urbana

URBANA — Two crashes within 20 minutes of each other near a construction zone left westbound Interstate 74 backed up for miles Friday morning between Urbana and St. Joseph.

Art installation teaches students 'to see something bigger than themselves'

URBANA — On the Webber Street fence outside Campus Middle School for Girls, the phrase "You Are Beautiful" projects outward with bursts of bright color.

Although it can be viewed as a quick, feel-good phrase, Traci Pines hopes it comes across with more substance.

Champaign council OKs creation of zoning amendment on house-to-lot ratios

CHAMPAIGN — After occasionally tense meetings on the matter, Champaign city staffers are ready to move forward and prepare changes to citywide zoning rules.

Late Tuesday, council members voted to craft a zoning amendment that could change regulations on how big a development can be for its lot size.

Champaign council makes honorary streets for fallen employees permanent

CHAMPAIGN — The Champaign Police Department badge carries two stars, each dating back more than 50 years.

They represent the only departmental officers killed on duty — Thomas Dodsworth in 1916 and Robert L. Tatman in 1967.

If those stars last the test of time, retired Officer Mark Medlyn said, then honorary street designations should do the same.

Urbana's 'Fix-It Tickets' saved drivers $419.40 in first month

URBANA — Mayor Diane Marlin on Monday announced results from the first month of Urbana's new program to help drivers with broken car lights.

Called "Fix-It Tickets," the program has police distributing payment vouchers to drivers pulled over for broken head- and taillights. Each voucher has a price limit of $25, can be redeemed at Urbana's Advance Auto Parts and expires in 60 days.