Rich Miller

Rich Miller

Capitol Fax | Rauner claims he's 'grown' in office

Gov. Bruce Rauner's campaign-reset speech last week has been described as "contrite," a "mea culpa" and even an "apology."

It most certainly wasn't an easy speech to deliver for a man who never publicly admits mistakes. I mean, he claimed last month that his administration did an "excellent job" at the state's Quincy veterans home, where 14 residents died.

Capitol Fax | 'Governor Veto' is way ahead of his 2017 pace

The JB Pritzker campaign slapped a new label on Gov. Bruce Rauner the other day, calling him “Governor Veto” because he’s vetoed several bills that the Democratic candidate supports.

Since the legislative session ended, Gov. Rauner has vetoed 75 bills. By my count, 44 passed with veto-proof majorities in both legislative chambers.

Capitol Fax | Referendums are one way to attract voters

I've told you about the non-binding referendums to be held in dozens of Downstate counties designed to entice pro-gun voters to the polls, but that's not the end of the story.

Capitol Fax | Political drama playing out in Lake County

Lake County politics has been rocked to the core this month by the abrupt resignation of state Rep. Nick Sauer, R-Lake Barrington, and the announcement by Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor that he is dropping out of his reelection campaign after earlier disclosing that he was suffering from drug addiction.

It's really a mess up there.

Capitol Fax | Proft uses internet to slant coverage

Last month, Rep. Christian Mitchell, D-Chicago, was interviewed by Chicago Public Radio about his new role as interim executive director of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

Capitol Fax | Pritzker's cash funneled down to local level

A couple of years ago, a little more than 1,400 voters took Democratic primary ballots in sparsely populated Warren County, about an hour west of Peoria. Almost twice that many took Republican ballots.

Capitol Fax | Mitchell appointment is an important move

Right up front, let's just stipulate that the recent appointment of state Rep. Christian Mitchell, D-Chicago, as the Democratic Party of Illinois' interim executive director will not usher in an immediate sea change.

Capitol Fax | State fairground really needs a reboot

Back in the old, old days, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley would pack passenger trains full of loyalists and send them all to the Illinois State Fair's Democrat Day rally, where they were treated to rousing speeches by party leaders and candidates. Gov. Rod Blagojevich kept that tradition alive on a somewhat smaller scale by chartering buses filled with supporters.

Capitol Fax | Attorney General race appears to favor Raoul

A political action committee run by top officials of Operating Engineers Local 150 reported a $255,000 contribution last week from a "dark money" organization controlled by the same Local 150 honchos.

Capitol Fax | Anti-Madigan message may trump anti-Rauner message

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan will be on the ballot in just one of Illinois' 118 House districts this November, but his name and reputation will be featured in electoral battles throughout the state as Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Republican Party use Madigan against every Democrat from J.B. Pritzker on down to maybe even mosquito abatement district races.