Rich Warren

Rich Warren

Rich Warren | Some sound advice on buying a receiver

Let's open with a reader question: We are setting up a TV area in our basement. I have a couple of vintage Polk audio speakers that I plan to use for a TV sound upgrade. My question for you is should I look for a vintage receiver somewhere or is there any good quality new ones on the market today? My budget is under $500.

Rich Warren | 2019 Consumer Electronics Show was a yawner

After nearly a full month of the new year, here's a bit more of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a few reflections and a reader question.

Perhaps it's my imagination, but the recent CES in Las Vegas may have been the most boring in memory. Other than LG's rollable TV screen and various dexterous robots, no company revealed a revolutionary or futuristic product or technology.

Rich Warren | Highlights from 2019 CES in Las Vegas

In 1979, Sony's large exhibit at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show featured the interconnected home. In this home of the future, interconnected entertainment devices and appliances communicated with each other for an automated and immersive experience.

Of course, at the time, it resembled a Potemkin City, a facade of wishful technology.

Rich Warren | Some tech predictions heading into 2019

Every year, the old crystal ball rolls out to predict the future, but let's face it, the old crystal ball is just that, so 20th century. With virtual reality, mammoth 8K TV screens, holograms and Alexa, who needs a crystal ball?

Rich Warren | Do you really need the latest gadget?

Most electronic products flop. Many of the latest and greatest technologies praised by the technorati won't be around in a year. Advertising or viral online marketing can't save a product or app that we don't need or want. Along those lines, 3-D TV comes to mind.

Rich Warren | Stuff stockings with these excellent products

Stuff a stocking or two with these suggestions for a smile on Dec. 25 or one of the seven days of Hanukkah.

Rich Warren | Black Friday deals may not be worth your time

Black Friday barrels down like a steam locomotive with a smoke stack belching bargains. Or perhaps it's a lot of smoke and not much locomotion.

Every year, retailers garner media photos of crowds eager to barge into a big box store to "steal" a TV or other big ticket electronics.

Rich Warren | TV services have never been more complicated

Remember my barber? He's the intelligent, college-educated guy who's been cutting hair for more than 50 years.

As befits a barber, he's pretty well-versed on just about everything. Even though we're of different political persuasions, I'd vote for him for governor.

Rich Warren | Do your homework before buying a smartphone

I empathize with Goldilocks. Every couple of years, the appetite for a new smartphone consumes me, yet I never find the ideal serving of "smart" and "phone."

Autumn marks the debut of new models from Apple and Google, akin to American car models of yore. Other competitors, such as Samsung and LG, release phones throughout the year.

Rich Warren | New iPhone is a questionable investment

Why spend $1,100 for a product that lasts three to five years? Or, perhaps months if you drop it. The new Apple iPhone XS Max boggles the mind. More than likely, it costs Apple $300 or less to build. Apple audaciously charges an extra $9 for an adapter to use conventional headphones with the new XS models.