Rich Warren

Rich Warren

Rich Warren | Stuff stockings with these excellent products

Stuff a stocking or two with these suggestions for a smile on Dec. 25 or one of the seven days of Hanukkah.

Rich Warren | Black Friday deals may not be worth your time

Black Friday barrels down like a steam locomotive with a smoke stack belching bargains. Or perhaps it's a lot of smoke and not much locomotion.

Every year, retailers garner media photos of crowds eager to barge into a big box store to "steal" a TV or other big ticket electronics.

Rich Warren | TV services have never been more complicated

Remember my barber? He's the intelligent, college-educated guy who's been cutting hair for more than 50 years.

As befits a barber, he's pretty well-versed on just about everything. Even though we're of different political persuasions, I'd vote for him for governor.

Rich Warren | Do your homework before buying a smartphone

I empathize with Goldilocks. Every couple of years, the appetite for a new smartphone consumes me, yet I never find the ideal serving of "smart" and "phone."

Autumn marks the debut of new models from Apple and Google, akin to American car models of yore. Other competitors, such as Samsung and LG, release phones throughout the year.

Rich Warren | New iPhone is a questionable investment

Why spend $1,100 for a product that lasts three to five years? Or, perhaps months if you drop it. The new Apple iPhone XS Max boggles the mind. More than likely, it costs Apple $300 or less to build. Apple audaciously charges an extra $9 for an adapter to use conventional headphones with the new XS models.

Rich Warren | Shinola rolls out impressive speakers

In a world of declining fidelity, the new Shinola Bookshelf Speakers reproduce sound for sore ears.

Admittedly, Detroit-based Shinola chose a name too clever by a half, but product quality compensates.

Rich Warren | Samsung rolls out its latest TVs

The IFA consumer electronics show held yearly in Berlin at the end of August and beginning of September dwarfs the American Consumer Electronics Show. Furthermore, IFA welcomes the public. Many companies display their latest innovations at IFA rather than CES.

Rich Warren | It may be awhile before we see 5G

If your current smartphone works, wait before buying a new model. While the new 5G cellular transmission system may not arrive in East Central Illinois in 2019, it will be activated in several major cities around the U.S. No current phones, and few that will be introduced this fall, will be able to take advantage of the dramatic improvements offered by 5G.

Rich Warren | Today's TVs still have limitations

In my youth, our 23-inch TV screen looked huge. Even the 16-inch screen in my bedroom seemed substantial. The maximum home TV screen size settled at 25 inches for decades.

Rich Warren | Amazon Prime numbers on the rise

Credit Jeff Bezos with pure genius. Amazon Prime Day, now safely past, marks one of the most spectacular marketing successes of recent time. P.T. Barnum could not claim better. Somehow, without spending on advertising, Bezos managed to snooker the media into advertising his Amazon event.