Rich Warren

Rich Warren

Rich Warren | Comcast store coming to Market Place Mall

Apple set the standard for single-brand retail stores. Microsoft soon copied Apple, although not as prolifically. Now, Comcast sets up shop. While not compensating for the vacant cavern that once was Bergner's, Comcast will make Market Place Mall more of a destination.

Rich Warren | My ZTE phone is as useful as a brick

The U.S. government intends to brick my 18-month-old smartphone. "Brick" quite literally means making a phone as useful as a brick. To be fair, I'll still be able to make phone calls and send texts and update some applications (apps), but I'll never again update the operating system or other general functional improvements. Parts will become unavailable.

Rich Warren | You can't go wrong with SoundsportFree earbuds

Unchain yourself. Headphones once anchored you to your devices. More headphones probably died from damaged or broken cords than any other cause. The headphone cord, like a snake, seems to possess a life of its own. If it can tangle or snag, it will.

Rich Warren | For decades, it was a Shure bet

As vinyl booms, Shure Incorporated exited the phonograph cartridge business on May 1. Illinois-based Shure was to phono cartridges what BMW is to automobiles.

Rich Warren | Today's TVs are loaded with settings

Greetings from the land of 1,001 settings. Back in the electronic Pleistocene era, TVs came with two knobs: volume and channel. Stereo amplifiers bristled with five knobs: volume, source selector, balance, bass and treble. The latter two did more harm than good.

Rich Warren | A little assistance for TV shoppers

Here's the most popular reader question of the year so far: "I want to buy a new TV, maybe a 50-inch or so. I had looked forward to the new models that seem to come out around Christmastime, but nothing caught my attention. I do not have any special requirements. It should be reliable, which lets out Samsung in my experience. Simple to use.Modern features. Simple to use (that counts double).

Rich Warren | Increasingly, with electronics, it's best to let pros make fixes

Professionals declare, "Do not try this at home." Whether sword swallowing or servicing your own electronics, leave it to the experts. A reader sent us his sad tale of attempting to replace the battery in his Garmin GPS. Garmin sold him the battery for $20. Garmin secured the battery inside the unit with double-sided tape.

Rich Warren | It pays to be a little paranoid

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. My friend Thom lives by that axiom. With the recent Facebook revelations, not to mention the Panera, et. al. hacks, apparently the bad guys not only know our politics, but also the kind of bread you want for your sandwich.

Rich Warren | Positive repair stories

I have received a number of emails from readers concerning repairs on their electronic gear. From reader feedback, Campus Mobile bats 1.000. Here are two emails:

Rich Warren | Surround yourself with sound

Nothing written here would qualify as an April fool. So much of consumer electronics and home entertainment verges on outlandish that any joke or hoax about a new product or future development would qualify as unbelievable. Thus, we won't go into the new nuclear-powered smart phone with five-year battery life or the 128K TV being introduced at the next CES.