Rich Warren

Rich Warren

Rich Warren | Facts about TVs can get twisted

My barber knows more than his way around a clipper. He's a bright guy who would probably make a better governor than the crowd currently running, and we don't share the same political party. Yet, when he went to buy a new TV, he was grievously misled by a salesperson who either was woefully ill-informed or downright lied to him.

Rich Warren | Maximize the life of your devices

This simple reader question warrants a complex answer: "Can you tell me if iPads wear out? Mine is acting up, and friends are telling me it wore out. It's about 6 years old."

I can't diagnose the problems with your iPad. Six years is a good run.

Rich Warren | As reviewers and entertainment options multiply, costs increase

Readers frequently ask for reviews of various products ranging from TV sets to smartphones. In the pre-internet days, a reviewer for a major newspaper could request evaluation samples. I was on a first-name basis with the UPS driver with boxes coming and going daily.

Rich Warren | Intelligent smartphone choice calls for savvy

Smartphones divide people into two camps. Some need basic voice communication, the ability to send an occasional text, and perhaps a basic camera. The rest crave a palm-size computer able to accomplish nearly anything that can be done by a laptop computer, plus take better photos.

Rich Warren | Too much emphasis being placed on picture quality

Most of us are not in the league of Larry Kanfer or Darrell Hoemann, let alone Ansel Adams or Annie Lebovitz, when it comes to shooting photos. Thus, our smartphones serve well in capturing the kids, dogs and occasional fender bender for the insurance company.

Rich Warren | Issues raised with MoviePass

If something seems to be too good to be true, that's usually the case. Here's a reader's testimony:

Rich Warren | When it comes to email service, Gmail is best option

People abandon email for social media and/or texting, but email remains the dominant means of internet communication.

Once, a score of free email providers offered their services in return for attaching advertising to your emails, selling your information or otherwise monetizing your use of their services.

Rich Warren | Comcast store coming to Market Place Mall

Apple set the standard for single-brand retail stores. Microsoft soon copied Apple, although not as prolifically. Now, Comcast sets up shop. While not compensating for the vacant cavern that once was Bergner's, Comcast will make Market Place Mall more of a destination.

Rich Warren | My ZTE phone is as useful as a brick

The U.S. government intends to brick my 18-month-old smartphone. "Brick" quite literally means making a phone as useful as a brick. To be fair, I'll still be able to make phone calls and send texts and update some applications (apps), but I'll never again update the operating system or other general functional improvements. Parts will become unavailable.

Rich Warren | You can't go wrong with SoundsportFree earbuds

Unchain yourself. Headphones once anchored you to your devices. More headphones probably died from damaged or broken cords than any other cause. The headphone cord, like a snake, seems to possess a life of its own. If it can tangle or snag, it will.