Rob Kanter

Rob Kanter

Environmental Almanac | In memory of a beloved student

You may already know from news reports that a University of Illinois undergraduate, Destyni Thomas, passed away last weekend.

Destyni was a student in a current class of mine, as well as an advisee in the Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability minor, and a participant in a field trip class I taught in fall of 2016 that traveled over a weekend to Baraboo, Wis.

Environmental Almanac | A different perspective on property

For all of the lip service our culture pays to thinking outside the box, most of us respond to challenges in a limited, predictable set of ways.

Even when confronted with the enormous disruptions to biodiversity and human life promised by climate change within this century, we tend to think small.

Environmental Almanac | Termites are more than just pests

On Saturday, the 36th annual Insect Fear Film Festival will take place in Foellinger Auditorium on the University of Illinois campus. As part of the celebration, this week's column is a collaborative piece by two graduate students from the Department of Entomology, Jonathan Tetlie and Scott Clem.

Environmental Almanac | February: A month of welcome change

The more I get outside in February, the more I'm reminded what a month of change it is.

Last weekend, as I walked my dogs near home, I noticed that not only were the cardinals and Carolina wrens singing, but that house finches were tuning up as well.

Environmental Almanac | Creatures hunker down for winter in variety of ways

One of the great pleasures of coming to know the natural world is coming to see human strategies for coping with living on Earth in a broader context.

Take surviving winter.

Environment Almanac | All welcome to attend Vermilion River presentations

If you know anything from Environmental Almanac, you know there's a special place in my heart for rivers and streams. In fact, my very first commentary, which ran on the radio back in August 2004, called attention to the benefits achieved for the Boneyard Creek when it was reconfigured on campus by the University of Illinois. (That enables me to fish over the lunch hour.)

Environmental Almanac | Include wildlife in your holiday conversations

'Tis the season to find yourself standing awkwardly among people you may not see often, balancing food and drink in your hands, maintaining a smile and racking your brain for agreeable things to talk about.

Environmental Almanac | Students reflect on outdoor experience

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work at the University of Illinois is teaching a one-credit-hour course that runs during the first half of the fall semester.

Environmental Almanac | A tribute to an earth-friendly role model: My little brother

In late winter of 1984, my younger (and only) brother, John, assigned me little bit of reading, the section called "Sky Dance" from the April entry in Aldo Leopold's book "A Sand County Almanac." This was a bit of a switch in our relationship, since at the time, I was a college senior majoring in English at Xavier University in our hometown of Cincinnati, and he was a junior majoring in wildlif

Environmental Almanac | Curiosity, old-school science yield new understanding

Whether or not Daphnia recover from certain fungal infections probably matters very little to you in your day to day life; indeed, if you're like most people, the word "Daphnia" itself has no clear meaning for you. So, let's start there.