Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson

The Reluctant Townie | Guidelines for every man to follow

It was the cartoon that launched a thousand letters to the editor. Earlier this week, The News-Gazette printed a syndicated political comic titled "Teen Angst in the Era of #MeToo."

The comic depicted a couple parked on Lovers Lane, and the male unwilling to make the first move for fear of future consequences.

The Reluctant Townie | Trump's review of Woodward's 'Fear'

Today's column was "guest-written" by the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

This week, lying Dem operative Bob Woodward, reporter and editor for FAKE NEWS outlet Washington Post, released a book about the first two years of my presidency, titled "Fear."

The Reluctant Townie | I'm pretty sure I met Nicolas Cage

Oh hello there, September.

In previous years, I made an effort to recognize summer until its official end on the Gregorian calendar, a sacred day in late September that since time immemorial has been designated by the airing of the "Big Brother" finale on CBS. But this year, I have no interest in prolonging the inevitable.

The Reluctant Townie | Extra! Extra! President Trump eats paper!

One of the most satisfying moments of television I witnessed last year came during a broadcast of "Good Morning America." At the time, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, former reality-television villainess turned Trump White House staffer, had been recently forced out of the administration and was making the rounds on the talk-show circuit trashing her former boss/trying to resuscitate her public image

The Reluctant Townie | Don't jump the shark, it's the summer of 'The Meg'

Is everybody having a good summer?

Last week, I had the chance to throw an honest-to-God Frisbee and chug a bottle of basement-aged Zima, so my summer might have already peaked, but I am still optimistic that the final month of the season has some surprises left in store.

The Reluctant Townie | I've made the switch to swim trunks

East Central Illinois, it's time I let you in on a little secret.

Earlier this summer, after a period of intense deliberation, I quietly and carefully made a huge decision that has impacted my life going forward on a daily basis. I made this decision without pronouncement, in large part because I wasn't sure you would accept me, or that I could trust you to understand.

The Reluctant Townie | Pitching virtual-reality apps for Oculus Go

In May, premiere virtual-reality company — and $2.3 billion Facebook acquisition — Oculus VR released its game-changing virtual-reality headset Oculus Go.

The Reluctant Townie | How to ID4 when you're just not feeling it

"I can hear da bugs chompin' on me," said my 3-year-old, near the end of a two-day commune with nature.

The Reluctant Townie | 7 words you can't say near your 7-year-old

Something I actually said to my children this week, without irony:

"I will always ask you to try before I give you help. Because you'll never know what you can accomplish until you try."

My words were already hanging in the air before I heard them.

Um, what? When did I become an inspirational page-a-day calendar? From where did this quaint platitude originate?

The Reluctant Townie | There's a bug man in the White House

Senior White House aide Stephen Miller scurried through the duct work of the West Wing, the six long insect-like abdominal legs he had sprouted sometime during the winter clicking against the cramped aluminum corridor like the frenzied typing of computer keys.