Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson

The Reluctant Townie | Hot summer trends this year

With official, calendar-sanctioned summer right around the corner, it's never too late to brush up on the hottest seasonal fashions and trends. Lucky for you, I've done all of the heavy lifting and researched the must-have summer stylings of 2018. So put down your mail-order catalogs, open up your checkbook and let me help craft your perfect summer look.

The Reluctant Townie | Becky with the racist mom

These days, I run primarily on coffee and hatred for Donald Trump.

The Reluctant Townie | My life has come full circle

I started dating my wife the month before I graduated from high school, during the Illinois spring, and most of my memories from that time are of walking my future wife home from the high school in Urbana, through Blair Park, to her house on Florida Avenue.

The Reluctant Townie | Donald and Sean trade pleasantries

The president of the United States gently turned the handle of the White House bathtub, slipped off his terrycloth bathrobe and disappeared under the surface of a steaming bubble bath.

The Reluctant Townie | Deciding on the perfect Mother's Day tattoo

Red Alert: Today is Mother's Day.

Did you forget? You fool!

Worry not, there is still time to get your mom, or the mother(s) of your children, a gift that shows you appreciate everything they do in your life. But this year, forego the usual trappings of cards, flowers and boxes of chocolates, which are disposable and, more importantly, being sold at a premium.

The Reluctant Townie | Having trust issues with spring

The first day of May brought 80-degree temperatures to the Midwest, which has many East Central Illinois residents dusting off their cargo shorts and asking themselves — should I get back together with spring?

There are some important questions to ask yourself before you jump back into a relationship with your ex-favorite season.

The Reluctant Townie | Cramming for 'Avengers: Infinity War'

The time is nigh. The Marvel Studio cinematic universe, known amongst heavy breathers and basement dwellers as the MCU, is reaching the end of its 10-year, three-phase feature-film plan with the release of "Avengers: Infinity War" (which itself is only Part I of a two-part movie, with the final installment set for release in May 2019).

The Reluctant Townie | A buyer's guide to potato chips

Happy 4/22, y'all! Today is the day true vape kings and queens emerge from the fog long enough to realize they forgot to properly observe their 4/20 holiday. This week, we'll be raising a grape-flavored White Owl in their honor with a comprehensive buyer's guide to potato chips, that will also examine what your chip preferences say about your inner truth.

The Reluctant Townie | My application for Homeland Security's media-influencer list

Last week, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security was seeking to contract a third-party firm to compile a database of journalists, bloggers and "media influencers" for the U.S. government.

The Reluctant Townie | Some alternatives for local internet trolls

Last Sunday, on Easter Fool's Day, The News-Gazette dropped a bomb on its readership: It would no longer host comments on its website.

This news hit Trollosphere with the force of a megaton blast, as internet trash talkers far and wide were left to wonder where they could go to practice their odious craft on news items relevant to East Central Illinois.