Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder | Could 2020 presidential race be repeat of 1972?

SPRINGFIELD — Back in 1972, I was in the second grade at Bateman Elementary School in Galesburg and our teacher, Mrs. Turner, had us studying that year's presidential election.

One student from a Democratic family was assigned to bring in a poster of the Democratic nominee and one from a Republican family had to bring in a poster of the GOP candidate.

Scott Reeder | Reporter's good deeds worthy of emulation

SPRINGFIELD — Over the last 30 years, I've met plenty of characters in newsrooms, but by far my favorite was a reporter by the name of Joel Kirkpatrick.

He was a larger-than-life fellow, with a big booming voice and a barrel chest always clad in Mexican guayabera shirts. And he wore hearing aids the size of bricks behind his ears.

Scott Reeder | Still I wonder, where are they now?

SPRINGFIELD — Sometimes I find myself wondering about the employees who went away.

Oh, I'm not talking about folks who were laid off for economic reasons or were just told after a few months on the job they weren't a "good fit."

No, I'm talking about the spectacular flameouts.

Scott Reeder | Detailing one journalist's sacrifice for truth

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." — Edmund Burke

SPRINGFIELD — Michael Leathers is a good man who did something.

And it cost him his job.

Back in 2002, he was the editor of Illinois Baptist, a newspaper covering Southern Baptist congregations across the Land of Lincoln.

Scott Reeder | Higher minimum wage could result in fewer jobs

I walked into a Springfield McDonald's the other day and saw a long line standing in front of the teenage clerk taking orders, so I ordered my breakfast on a touch screen.

Customers rather than employees can peck away at screens and send their orders directly to the kitchen.

Scott Reeder | Common-sense solutions for more manufacturing jobs in America

SPRINGFIELD — "I want a "smart refrigerator, Daddy."

My 10-year-old Anna made that pronouncement as we stood in front of a row of 20 refrigerators last week at a Springfield appliance store.

The salesman said, "Wouldn't you like to see some of our Maytag models?"

Scott Reeder | Rauner, Trump parallels are frightening

SPRINGFIELD — Am I the only Illinoisan who is experiencing déjà vu when it comes to the latest antics in Washington?

It seems a petulant chief executive is at loggerheads with a speaker of the House and is allowing a portion of the government to go unfunded unless he gets what he wants.

It could be Gov. Bruce Rauner circa 2015 or President Donald Trump in 2019.

Scott Reeder | More counseling resources needed in our schools

GALESBURG — Sometimes the only thing a troubled teenager needs is an encouraging word and an adult who is willing to listen.

Being a teenager has never been easy, but today, young people face new pressures.

Guidance counselors are the unsung heroes of education. They not only help youngsters through the academic bureaucracy, but they assist students facing life's challenges.

Scott Reeder | Finding reasons for hope in unexpected places

BEARDSTOWN — Sometimes you find hope in unexpected places.

For me it was a trip to Walmart in this sleepy western Illinois town.

Strolling through the store aisles, I saw immigrants from Africa and Latin America chatting in French and Spanish among folks who have worked the land in Schuyler and Cass counties for generations.

Scott Reeder | No easy solutions to state's pension problems

SPRINGFIELD — Last month, I wrote a column on an idea being pitched by state Rep. Jeanne Ives that contends that state pensions may be illegal contracts because they violate the state constitution.

The Republican from Wheaton contends that during the past several decades, lawmakers knowingly underfunded pensions, violating the balanced budget clause of the state constitution.