Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder | A mixed legacy of race in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD — When I saw the two Confederate flags flapping from the bed of a pickup last week, I groaned.

I wondered: "Why would anyone fly those symbols of treason and white supremacy in Abraham Lincoln's hometown?"

Scott Reeder | Unfunded mandates flow both ways in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD — For decades, the two dirtiest words in Illinois education were "unfunded mandates."

Local school boards and administrators hate these orders that come from Springfield but don't come with a check attached.

Scott Reeder | There's no shame in showing emotion

SANTA FE, Texas — Last week, a mother looked me in the eye and explained how a gunman entered her son's high school classroom and shot him dead along with nine others in a school shooting.

Scott Reeder | Mass incarceration takes heavy toll on families

SPRINGFIELD — There is no more depressing place to be than in a prison visiting room when children come to see their mom or dad.

During my 30 years as a journalist, I've found myself in many state prisons waiting to interview inmates. Watching youngsters run across a room to hug a father or mother they haven't seen for months is heart-rending.

Scott Reeder | How to help in wake of Texas shooting

SPRINGFIELD — Thirty years ago, I received my master's degree, packed up my Ford and headed for an adventure in Texas.

I'd accepted a job as the education reporter for the Galveston Daily News and was assigned to cover nine school districts and a medical school.

Scott Reeder | Justice has no price

SPRINGFIELD — Years ago, I watched the movie "Shawshank Redemption" and observed the character Andy Dufresne try to prove his innocence for a murder he didn't commit.

He, of course, had to do this while serving a life sentence in a Maine maximum-security prison.

Scott Reeder | Recalling interactions with Bush family

SPRINGFIELD — When I heard last week that Barbara Bush had died, I couldn't help but think of the Bush family and how my first year as a journalist was intertwined with their political endeavors.

Back in 1988, I was a freshly minted reporter, with more hubris than commonsense, and Barbara's husband, then-Vice President George Bush, was running for president.

Scott Reeder | The power of organ donation

Ever found yourself hoping someone will die so someone you love can live?

Fourteen years ago, I found myself in that unenviable position.

My brother Danny was dying. For years, he had suffered from a rare liver disease — primary sclerosing cholangitis. Finally his liver was giving out. Death was near.

Scott Reeder | Pondering pot prohibition

SPRINGFIELD — A few years ago, I was sitting at grandmother's bedside and she made a political admission that stunned me.

The last Democrat she voted for was Franklin Roosevelt in 1932.

I wasn't surprised that Eva Reeder, my diehard Republican grandmother, in her 103 years had only supported one Democrat. But I was shocked by why she voted for Roosevelt.

Scott Reeder: Exodus of Illinoisans continues

SPRINGFIELD — The exodus continues.

Illinois dropped from the fifth-largest state to the sixth according to recently released Internal Revenue Service data. We've been edged out by Pennsylvania.

In 2017, the Land of Lincoln lost about 33,700 people.