Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder: The vanishing newspaper vending machine

SPRINGFIELD — I love newspapers. And for the past 30 years, I've had a particular infatuation with the newspaper vending machine.

Oh, I know it sounds silly, but I still get a thrill out of seeing my name or photo staring out from behind the glass as I walk down the street. It is one of those non-monetary perks to working in the newspaper business.

Scott Reeder: More than just a haircut

SPRINGFIELD — I'd never been to a barber who didn't have a comb.

And I found myself sitting in a barber chair, the only white guy in the room and the barber asks, "How would you like your hair parted?"

I replied, "Hand me a comb and I'll show you."

Scott Reeder: Middle-class mom may oppose Rauner

SPRINGFIELD — State Rep. Jeanne Ives sounds like she'll be a candidate for Illinois governor.

The Wheaton Republican is one of the most conservative members of the General Assembly, and she is hopping mad at Gov. Bruce Rauner, who she contends is not trustworthy.

Scott Reeder: No designated way to pay

SPRINGFIELD — Last week, the Illinois General Assembly passed a measure that lays the foundation for one of the largest tax hikes in the state's history.

Or it could lay the foundation for massive future deficit spending.

Or, maybe, it's a precursor for substantial spending cuts to fund schools. (I'm not holding my breath on that one.)

Scott Reeder: Helping out Harvey victims

GALVESTON — Watching Hurricane Harvey on television, I couldn't help but think of my first experience covering such a storm.

It was 1988, and I was a 23-year-old who had just moved from Illinois to Texas to work for the Galveston Daily News.

Scott Reeder: Grave markers, statues and Civil War

SPRINGFIELD — When I was in high school, my Grandma Wanda fought a battle with the American Legion to have a veteran's marker placed on the grave of her husband's grandfather.

Eventually, the Legion post relented and put a veteran's stone over John Beckerdite's earthly remains.

Scott Reeder: Illinois could learn from Lone Star State

LEAGUE CITY, Texas — I was in Texas last month doing some reporting and I was a bit bemused that its legislature was enmeshed in a budget predicament of its own.

Lawmakers there were pondering whether to dip into the state's $12 billion "rainy day fund" to help balance the state's budget.

Scott Reeder: Professional wrestling in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD -- The punches looked mean but never connected.

Like any sporting event, the crowd howled for their heroes and jeered their opponents. But the winners and losers were prearranged.

As the “drama” unfolded, I couldn’t help but think: professional wrestling is a lot like the Illinois General Assembly.

Scott Reeder: Raising Illinois taxes not a good idea

SPRINGFIELD — Both Republicans and Democrats in Springfield are making noise about raising our taxes, and that just makes me plain nervous.

A tax hike just isn't the fiscal salve needed to stave the state's financial woes.

Scott Reeder: With death penalty, justice must be balanced with mercy

SPRINGFIELD — "These are halls of justice — not mercy," the prosecutor bellowed before the jury as I wiggled uncomfortably in the back of the courtroom, notebook in hand.

I was fresh out of college and covering courts in Texas when I first wrestled with the notion of justice vs. mercy.