Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman

Man arraigned in Piatt County after two months on the lam

MONTICELLO — A 33-year-old man was arraigned Thursday in Piatt County on charges alleging he broke into a home in Cerro Gordo and tried to strangle his estranged wife.

Todd McGee had gone on the run after the April 3 incident, and at that time, authorities considered him armed and dangerous. He was caught May 23 in Atlanta and returned to Piatt County on Wednesday.

Rose to Mahomet Aquifer Task Force meeting: Still a lot of work to do

MONTICELLO — One day after the Illinois House approved a measure aimed at protecting central Illinois' main groundwater source, state Sen. Chapin Rose told a Mahomet Aquifer Task Force subcommittee Friday there is still a lot of work to do.

Group hosts its final meeting after 125 years

MONTICELLO — For many of the trials and triumphs of the last 125 years, the Monticello Woman's Club has been there.

Need a library? These women helped form a stock company that resulted in construction of the Monticello Community Building, completed in 1897.

Women's suffrage? Yep, they were right there, fighting for their right to vote.

State police honor Blue Ridge students who helped choking woman

FARMER CITY — What could have been one tragedy on top of another was averted when some alert Blue Ridge High School students helped a woman who was choking after a funeral service for fallen state Trooper Ryan Albin last summer.

They were honored this week by the Illinois State Police for their life-saving efforts.

Remembering Pfc. Robert C. Burke: 'He stepped forward over and over'

MONTICELLO — Most people here have heard of Pfc. Robert C. Burke.

Monticello's American Legion post bears his name, as does the park that surrounds the town swimming pool. His photo and brief but distinguished military record are spelled out in a display at the Piatt County Courthouse.

Cerro Gordo school board says librarian's abrupt ouster not a cost cut

CERRO GORDO — The Cerro Gordo school district will soon be constructing a new library as part of an $8 million building project.

Who will run it remains a mystery following the dismissal of the district's full-time librarian, which took many in town — including the suddenly-out-of-work Amy Williams — by surprise.

Third time's a charm for Monticello's $29.8 million school proposal

MONTICELLO — After twice previously defeating calls to construct a new high school, Monticello school district voters on Tuesday approved a $29.8 million referendum proposal that will fund renovations at the high school's Washington Elementary campus.

Lodge woman's ranch aims to rescue youths, horses together

LODGE — It's fitting that Faith is the name of Emily Reichman's first rescue horse. And that the word "hope" is in the title of an equine mentoring program she will launch for at-risk youth at her rural Piatt County home.

You see, it was a love of horses that kept her on the straight and narrow path after her parents divorced when she was 8 years old.

Piatt County sheriff candidates wrangle over incidents at jail

MONTICELLO — The Piatt County sheriff's race took to social media this week, with challenger Kyle Turngren accusing incumbent Republican David Hunt of not being transparent about violence at the county jail when it housed Cook County inmates from 2012 to 2016.

Probe finds Cerro Gordo school threat not credible

CERRO GORDO — Schools in this southern Piatt County town had an increased law-enforcement presence on campus Friday morning after students reported a possible threat they overheard at the high school Thursday afternoon.