Sundiata Cha-Jua

Sundiata Cha-Jua

Real Talk | The white Midwest and 'electability' arguments are false

Addressing the NAACP convention in Detroit, Democratic presidential candidate Kalama Harris challenged the false narrative of the Midwest as a white region.

Harris rightly claimed the pundits' notion of "electability" reflects their misconception of the region, the type of candidate who can appeal to Midwestern voters and it privileges white male candidates.

Real Talk | Joe Biden and the retreat from race

Before Joe Biden officially announced his candidacy last week, I was planning to write on the similarities between Booker T. Washington and Barack Obama.

Real Talk | Columnist missing the mark on reparations

Last week, in a well-meaning but misleading article, Scott Reeder dismissed the idea of African-American reparations. Reeder expressed shock, confusion and dismay at the idea's entrance into mainstream U.S. politics. He raised antiquated questions and offered a sophomoric analysis. Obviously, he has not studied the scholarship on this issue.

Real Talk | The loss of a young visionary

On March 31, Afro-America lost a young visionary. Ermias Joseph Asghedom, known professionally as Nipsey Hussle, was gunned down in his innovative shop. The 33-year-old hip-hop artist, activist, entrepreneur and philanthropist was the son of an African American mother and an Eritrean father. Hussle was on the brink of greatness when he was murdered.

Real Talk | Time to send Chief's ghost to Spurlock Museum

How long will we be haunted by the ghost of a racist mascot?

For 30 years, anti-racist activists labored to remove the blight on the University of Illinois' conscience. For 12 years, we have struggled to keep this wraith in the grave. Yet, like the evil apparition in a horror film, it continues to rise and terrorize us.

Real Talk | Democrats, the rise of reparations and universalism

Since emancipation, reparationists have struggled to place compensation for enslavement and subsequent racial oppression on the country's agenda.

Real Talk | Double standards: Anti-Semitism, black people and Zionist bullying

"Anti-Semitism is real." Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar acknowledged its reality in her apology for trading in anti-Semitic tropes.

Real Talk | Knowledge of black history still lacking

The beginning of Black History Month is an appropriate time to assess the state of its inclusion in the public school curriculum.

African-American history is both popular and critically acclaimed. Books on African-American history routinely make the New York Times best-seller list and regularly win major book awards.

Real Talk | MLK, education and unintended consequences

Martin Luther King's birthday is unique among U.S. holidays. It's the only federal holiday that commemorates the life and contributions of a private citizen and an African American. Moreover, it is as much a commemoration of the movement as it is of the man.

Real Talk | Fiction, the Flint water crisis and genocide

Recently, I've been reminded of Mark Twain's observation that "truth is stranger than fiction." The indictment of 13 defendants charged with facilitating the lead poisoning of Flint, Mich.'s, mostly African-American citizens underscores Twain's point.