Susan McKinney

Susan McKinney

Susan McKinney | 'Mycroft and Sherlock' full of fantastic characters

"Mycroft and Sherlock" is the second book in a series written by former basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

It's 1872, and London is dealing with a series of gruesome murders.

Men are found quartered in various places around the lower sections of town. Mycroft is dealing with his younger brother, Sherlock, who at 18 is starting to be too interested in solving mysteries.

Susan McKinney | Married authors deliver another winner

Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. I came across them more than 10 years ago when they first started the Kate Daniels series with "Magic Bites." Their latest book is "Magic Triumphs."

Susan McKinney | Author of '7 1/2 Deaths' keeps you guessing

"The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" is the first novel by Stuart Turton. It is amazing, phenomenal, mind-bending.

You're told on the inside cover blurb that Aiden Bishop has to solve the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle. He has 24 hours to do it. If he fails, the day will start over and he will be in the body of a different guest at the manor.

Susan McKinney | Author tells story of Cinderella's stepmother

"All the Ever Afters" by Danielle Teller is a Cinderella retelling, but it's not. This is the story of Agnes, Cinderella's stepmother. This story is set in the real world of the 1300s in Europe. This is not a pretty fairy tale but a tale of the real world of medieval life, especially for women.

Susan McKinney | Fans of Greek myths will enjoy trilogy's final entry

This is the third book in the Olympus Bound trilogy by Jordanna Max Brodsky. Brodsky has written a world where the Greek gods hid amongst humanity as their worship declined and they stopped being immortal.

Susan McKinney | Story shows the impact of prejudices

I'm excited to write this review. Susan Furlong is a local author, and I've known her for years. Her newest book, "Splintered Silence," was published in hardback by Kensington Books. Susan has always written mysteries, but until now, they have been "cozy" mysteries. "Splintered Silence" is her entrance to the world of the dark, gritty murder mystery.

Susan McKinney: 'Killing Pace' is loaded with surprises

"Killing Pace" by Douglas Schofield is a psychological thriller, a mystery and a spy story all wrapped up in one book.

This is a new book, and as I was processing it to put it on the shelf, I flipped through it. I had never read Schofield before and was curious. I checked the book out and read it in a few hours. The book moves between the narratives of Lisa in 2015 and Sarah in 2014.

Susan McKinney: Another impressive mystery

"A Conspiracy in Belgravia" by Sherry Thomas will be the last Sherlock Holmes-type novel I'll write about for a while.

This is the second Lady Sherlock book by Thomas. It continues the story from "A Study in Scarlet Women," which I reviewed a few months back.

Susan McKinney: On a Sherlock Holmes kick

What can I say? I'm on a Sherlock Holmes kick. "Arrowood" by Mick Finlay is a debut novel set in 1895 London.

Sherlock is solving crimes, and Watson is publishing their stories in the newspapers.

Susan McKinney: A good read for fans of Sherlock Holmes

What if Sherlock Holmes was really a woman?

Sherry Thomas explores that possibility in a new series. "A Study in Scarlet Women" is the first installment. It was released a year ago, and I discovered it when I saw advertising for the second book that is coming out in November.