The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board

Editorial | Will businesses buy what J.B. Pritzker sells?

The new governor will have his hands full trying to turn Illinois into an economic powerhouse.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker showed up at work Tuesday — his first full day on the job — ready to begin putting his stamp on Illinois.

He ran for office with a monstrously long list of policy proposals that he wants to put into effect.

Editorial | Pritzker's plan raises concerns

Being a man of means means Illinois' new governor has flexibility that others do not.

J.B. Pritzker hadn't even been sworn into office yet, when he became ensnared in a mini-controversy involving his effort to attract talented people to work in his administration.

Editorial | Pritzker's one-eyed trust is no problem

Gov. J.B. Pritzker's effort to reassure the public about his intentions is welcome, but not really necessary.

In these increasingly cynical — with ample justification — political times, there's a new narrative about super-wealthy people who enter politics.

Editorial | New wrinkle on old problem

Rising politician Nick Sauer fell quickly.

Former state Rep. Nick Sauer was one of those back-bench state legislators with whom few people were familiar.

But he found a way to remedy his name-recognition problem, unfortunately in the most unfortunate way.

Editorial | More construction

Development at the intersection of Lincoln and University avenues is another shot in the arm for Urbana.

Apartment and townhome construction continues to boom in Champaign-Urbana, to the point that reasonable people can wonder just who is going to fill all this residential space.

Editorial | Pay raises for top state jobs

It takes competitive salaries to attract talent, but in certain cases, there's a limit to what money can buy.

Democratic Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker won't take office until Monday, but he's already receiving a warm and cooperative response from his fellow party members, as well as Republicans in the General Assembly.

Editorial | Another one bites the dust

Life on the run can come to a quick end.

Pretentious fops everywhere like to quote the well-known phrase declaiming that "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." What they usually mean is that whatever idea they're promoting at the moment will eventually win out because they are on "the right side of history," another tiresome cliche.

Editorial | A tall task for the Illinois Department of Corrections

Legal challenges have put a spotlight on the need for improved physical and mental care for inmates, but finding the professionals to get the job done has been difficult.

Pending litigation in Illinois' federal courts demonstrates the serious responsibility and the high cost the state bears in providing health care to prison inmates.

Editorial | Madigan's rehabilitation campaign

Illinois is about to swear in six Democratic statewide officeholders and a host of new Democratic lawmakers, but the star of a new 30-second TV spot is the party's wildly unpopular chairman, House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Editorial | State senator headed to Kenya

State Sen. Kyle McCarter, a conservative Republican from Highland in southwestern Illinois who has long run the Each One Feed One International charity in Kenya, has been confirmed as the new U.S. amabassador to the African nation.