The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board

Editorial | Chief follies continue

University of Illinois administrators continue to try to bridge an unbridgeable gap.

University of Illinois Chancellor Robert Jones just can't leave bad enough alone.

Editorial | Rauner has a tough sales job

The governor made his pitch on why he deserves four more years.

Widely perceived to be in deep political trouble, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner took important steps Thursday that he hopes will lead him back into the political promised land.

Editorial | Challenging challenges

Political gamesmanship between the local political parties is driven by their desire to cut voters out of the democratic process.

The big fight between Champaign County Republicans and Democrats will be held on Nov. 6, the date of this year's general election.

Editorial | On the path to confirmation

Without adequate numbers and ammunition, Senate Democrats are falling short in their efforts to vilify and defeat U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Editorial | A cautionary tale on taxes

Liberals, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans have been at odds for years on the question of how much — if at all — people’s behavior is affected by the amount of state and federal taxes they pay.

Will they work less if they resent high tax rates applied to their income? Or work about the same as they always have?

Editorial | Party insurrection?

A new breed of Democrats is making a lot of noise.

There's drama aplenty in Washington, D.C., where President Donald Trump's bull in a china shop style is creating giant rifts among Republicans. The constant, often-pointless drama has long since grown old.

Editorial | Can't just take person's word

State Rep. Lou Lang's accuser refused to beinterviewed by the legislative inspector general.

It was just four months ago when screaming headlines revealed that another member of the General Assembly was the target of sexual-harassment accusations.

Editorial | Just business, nothing personal

Just how profound is a decision to buy a new T-shirt or a pair of basketball shoes?

Businesses usually try to avoid controversy when they hire advertising representatives — they want to appeal to, not alienate, their customer base.

But in a daring reversal of the usual script, the Nike corporation is embracing the opposite approach.

Editorial | Change in direction

Colleges and universities will be getting new direction on how to conduct student disciplinary proceedings.

Editorial | An attempt to curb opioid tragedies

Illinois' experiment in making medical marijuana available as an opioid replacment is worth exploring.

Gov. Bruce Rauner last week signed legislation making medical marijuana available as an opioid replacement.