The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board

Editorial | Landmark Hotel's future unclear

The owner's latest attempts to sell the downtown Urbana hotel have fallen through.

The albatross that is the Landmark Hotel at Lincoln Square Village continues to hang over the heads of Urbana officials.

Where once there was guarded optimism — after another auction was held in September and a buyer emerged — there is now only disappointment.

Editorial | Strikes one, two and three

Amazon, as was easily predicted, bypassed Chicago.

The state and municipal bidding war to host a new Amazon headquarters came to a sudden end this week when the company identified not one winner, but three.

Editorial | Is it time to toke up?

Illinois' new governor has repeatedly stated he wants state legislators to legalize marijuana.

Illinois Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker will be sworn in to office on Jan. 14, and many people just can't wait for the happy day.

Some are Democratic enthusiasts thrilled to see one of their fellow party members back in the governor's office after a four-year hiatus.

Editorial | Sessions' firing is no solution

In the corporate world, the boss has unlimited authority. But that's hardly the case in government and politics.

President Donald Trump, ever impulsive and inclined to lash out, didn't waste much time after last week's election before initiating a new, unnecessary controversy.

Editorial | Setting a good example

What can people learn from a SEAL? Apparently, a lot.

Political campaigns have, unfortunately, become vehicles in which rival candidates insult and vilify each other.

Almost all of them do it, and they'll continue until that tactic is no longer effective with the voting public.

Editorial | Winner by a knockout

Illinois was already blue when the latest political wave hit.

The least-surprising result of last week's election is that Illinois voters — by an overwhelming margin — embraced a return to one-party rule, restoring Democrats to their status as kings of the hill.

Editorial | Split decision

The out-party — Democrats this year — made the traditional gain in the off-year election of 2018 but failed to achieve the overwhelming victory it sought.

Time was that the political combat ceased when the votes were counted.

Editorial | Old structure gets new life

A neglected former sorority house is no longer an eyesore.

There's nothing better than taking a sow's ear and making a silk purse out of it.

That's what has happened in Urbana, where university engineering faculty member Pierre Moulin oversaw the renovation of the former Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house at 1404 S. Lincoln Ave.

Editorial | Local Democrats turn races into routs

Champaign County Democrats worked hard this election season, providing a textbook example of how to organize and win seats.

Those who saw Tuesday's political beat-down of Champaign County Republicans coming either kept it to themselves or shared it only with friends.

Editorial | Willful blindness is very expensive

It ain't over until the debts are paid.

The real drama occurred this past summer, when members of the Champaign County Board finally embraced financial reality and agreed to sell the county nursing home to a private-sector operator.

But sales like this take time to wrap up.