The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board

Editorial | For Champaign mayor: Deb Frank Feinen

Voters in Champaign won't need to think too long about the mayor's race.

The race for mayor of Champaign in the April 2 municipal election isn't much of a race.

That's probably because the city is doing relatively well, its finances are in order and the incumbent who is seeking re-election is perceived as a strong favorite to win.

Editorial | Hot contest for mayor in Danville

The city has more candidates for mayor than it has solutions to its problems.

Danville voters are being treated to a spirited four-way race for mayor. But the fun will stop when the votes are counted, because it's much easier to promise solutions to the city's deep problems than to actually solve them.

Editorial | More spending in Unit 4

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Champaign school board members were determined to do a $25 million upgrade of Edison Middle School, even in the face of the voters' refusal to sign off on the plan.

Editorial | Pelosi says no

While not disguising her contempt for President Donald Trump, the Democratic House leader has urged her party to abandon their efforts to run him out of office.

Editorial | Another win for athletes

Although it could have been worse, the NCAA has taken another legal hit.

The college sports landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, not least of which is due to court decisions like the one issued last week by California federal Judge Claudia Wilken.

Editorial | Unanswered questions

A Chicago insider's guilty plea doesn't explain why he was getting a piece of the pie from a hefty tobacco settlement.

A longtime Chicago political insider and scoundrel pleaded guilty last week at the U.S. Courthouse in Chicago.

There's nothing new about that. Chicago, after all, is a city with a history of serious, perennial wrongdoing by the power elite.

Editorial | Tentative tax rates revealed

New Gov. J.B. Pritzker is trying to reassure voters about his plan to raise state income taxes.

Pritzker last week took a major step forward in trying to sell taxpayers on his progressive income-tax plan by releasing proposed rates that leave most people alone but punish upper-income earners.

Editorial | Stepping down

Retiring Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany passed the test of time.

By all accounts, longtime Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany has been an effective leader of this strong and growing athletic conference.

Editorial | New action on guns

Here's what passes for reform in Illinois.

The Illinois State Police announced this week that it's going to start enforcing gun-revocation laws that it previously had ignored. Obviously interested in spreading the political credit around for this groundbreaking decision, ISP said it's taking this bold action "with the strong support of Gov. J.B. Pritzker."

Editorial | Hoops trio gets a break

A federal judge's sentencing decision puts a criminal investigation into a big college basketball scandal into a larger context.

The ongoing federal criminal investigation involving shoe company payoffs to lure high school basketball stars to favored universities has created a big splash in the college sports scene.

But on the scale of major crime, it's small potatoes.