The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board

Editorial | Can't just take person's word

State Rep. Lou Lang's accuser refused to beinterviewed by the legislative inspector general.

It was just four months ago when screaming headlines revealed that another member of the General Assembly was the target of sexual-harassment accusations.

Editorial | Just business, nothing personal

Just how profound is a decision to buy a new T-shirt or a pair of basketball shoes?

Businesses usually try to avoid controversy when they hire advertising representatives — they want to appeal to, not alienate, their customer base.

But in a daring reversal of the usual script, the Nike corporation is embracing the opposite approach.

Editorial | Change in direction

Colleges and universities will be getting new direction on how to conduct student disciplinary proceedings.

Editorial | An attempt to curb opioid tragedies

Illinois' experiment in making medical marijuana available as an opioid replacment is worth exploring.

Gov. Bruce Rauner last week signed legislation making medical marijuana available as an opioid replacement.

Editorial | 'Gov. Veto'? You're darn right

Gov. Bruce Rauner is taking the big picture into consideration when it comes to the state's finances.

Years ago, when Republican Gov. Jim Edgar held office, he earned the enmity of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan and other legislative Democrats.

What was Edgar's sin, aside from being a member of the other party?

Editorial | Good news for newspapers

A bad decision to impose costly tariffs on imported newsprint has been reversed.

The American newspaper industry got some rare good news this week when the United States International Trade Commission overturned a decision to impose tariffs on Canadian newsprint that threatened to wreak havoc on newspapers across the country.

Editorial | An ugly pension update

The municipal pension casualty list continues to grow.

In early July, The News-Gazette posed the following question:

"It's Harvey and Peoria today. Who will it be tomorrow?"

Here's the answer — Galesburg. Others will follow.

Editorial | Cigarette bill goes up in smoke

Nanny-staters have suffered a setback.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner last week vetoed legislation that would have barred legal adults under the age of 21 from purchasing a package of cigarettes, vaping devices and other tobacco products.

The blowback was immediate, intense and, predictably, unhinged.

Editorial | Sen. John McCain

The senator's death, while not unexpected, represents a loss this country cannot afford.

The use of the word "hero" has been used so many times since the weekend death of U.S. Sen. John McCain that it's already become a cliche.

Editorial | Campus component

There's a certain symmetry to the Campus Florist shop on Green Street closing in October after 77 years in business. Owner Anne Johnston and her late husband, Seely, were close friends of an Illini legend who wore No. 77.