The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board

Editorial | Selection, not election

Wouldn't it be great to have real choices in state legislative elections?

Today is Election Day, not only a time to choose our elected officials but also a national celebration of the democratic process.

All of the political nastiness and duplicity aside, free people are making free choices.

Editorial | Eye on the mayoral prize

'I'm Susana Mendoza, and I'm running for mayor of Chicago, and I ask you to join me on this journey together.'

Wait a minute. Today is Election Day, and Susana Mendoza is running for re-election as state comptroller.

Indeed, she has repeatedly said she is focused on the comptroller's office, as Mendoza should be if she's running for the important post.

Editorial | Can it get worse? Oh, yeah!

The light at the end of the budget tunnel is a train that's picking up speed.

An editorial published Oct. 28 and headlined "Public Enemy No. 1" made the argument that Tuesday's election would mark an end of the political happy talk that characterizes campaign seasons and put the state's serious financial problems back on the radar screen.

Editorial | Self-inflicted wound

What's the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius is limited.

If University of Illinois President Tim Killeen ever needs an example of how not to handle a dicey situation, he need look no further than the University of Maryland.

Editorial | Citizenship issue complicated

President Donald Trump says he's considering an executive order to limit birthright citizenship, but it would be hard for it to stand up in the courts.

Editorial | Football follies continue

Under Lovie Smith, the Illini have gone from bad to worse.

It's time for candor about the University of Illinois football program. As The Chicago Tribune put it recently, UI football has become a "dumpster fire."

Editorial | Hypocrisy on display

Chicago mayoral candidate William Daley is bashing two politicians for doing something he condoned in his brother's race for mayor.

The entertainment factor is almost always significant when Chicago politicians criticize each other because, after all, what can they credibly say?

It's usually a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Editorial | Public Enemy No. 1 in Illinois

The state's pension mess will be the biggest issue for the winner of the governor's race.

Just another 10 days, and this dreary election year will be over. The incessant political noise will, thankfully, cease — at least for a while.

Federal races remain in doubt. The analysts are all over the place in terms of their predictions of the results.

Editorial | More to come in hoops scandal

The prospect of a prison sentence is going to loosen the tongues of those caught up in one of the biggest sports scandals of all time.

Another shoe dropped in the burgeoning college basketball pay-for-play scandal, and it was a big one.

Editorial | Rauner's 'Hail Mary' ad the latest low

Standards of propriety in political campaigns have fallen lower than a snake's belly.

Down in the polls and desperate to attract public attention to his warnings of impending apocalypse, Gov. Bruce Rauner has launched a television advertisement that would, if the language wasn't so coarse, be accurately characterized as a "Hail Mary."