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Nick Offerman lets it all hang out in American Ham show at Krannert

Nick Offerman started his “American Ham” show at Krannert Center last week by running a few (victory?) laps on the Foellinger Great Hall stage before doing a body slam against the back wall.

He was wearing jeans and no shirt.

Good evening,” he said, after coming to the front of the stage. “Minor nudity was advertised. And achieved.”

Younger generation rocks Local Guitar Heroes night at Krannert

Editor's note: From Tuesday night's Ellnora festival, here is a short video of Sara Hall talking about music and her first guitar.

Make way for two younger musicians with loads of talent.

And they're both women, which is refreshing.

Local guitarists to kick off Ellnora festival two days early

Local guitar heroes will kick off Ellnora The Guitar Festival — two days before it opens.

The Timmy D and Blind Justice Ignite Pre-Festival Local Heroes Night will start at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 3, a Tuesday, at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Ellnora opens there on Sept. 5.

There's always room for more daylilies

The other day as I was looking at my backyard garden I thought, “I really don’t need any more flowers.

Sharp's Crossing Lavender Farm a fragrant destination

I haven’t had any success growing lavender in my low-sun yard in Urbana.

Cashdollar will be 2013 Ellnora Guitar Fest artist in-residence

Cindy Cashdollar will return to Ellnora The Guitar Festival at Krannert Center in early September as the festival’s artist in-residence.                                           &nb

Paul Cox: Some had called "Vincent" an act of insanity before it was made

Australian director Paul Cox might just hold the record for the director who’s appeared most often at Roger Ebert’s Film Festival.

But in 2013 he was a no-show, even though he had been scheduled to attend with his lyrical 1987 documentary, “Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent van Gogh.”

Enthusiast Tilda Swinton: Everyone at Ebertfest cut from same cloth

With the movie “Julia,” director Erik Zonca and lead actress Tilda Swinton wanted to make a film about an alcoholic who’s interesting.

“Like the ones I know,” Swinton said after the 2008 movie was shown on Friday night at the 15th annual Roger Ebert’s Film Festival at the Virginia Theatre.

From L.A., Jack Black's voice rocks the Virginia Theatre at Ebertfest

At Ebertfest on Thursday night actor Jack Black’s disembodied voice spoke to the audience, prompting Michael Barker to say, “You sound like God.”

“It’s a miracle of modern technology,” responded Black, who was to have appeared in person at the 15th annual Roger Ebert Film’s Festival after the screening of “Bernie,” in which he plays the title role.