Art and About

Art and About

A festive way to help Joplin, Mo.

Here’s a fun way to help the victims of the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Mo.: The Show Me Music and Arts Festival.

RPM troupe is part of first Urbana Sci-Fi Puppetry Festival on Saturday

As part of my daily newspaper gig, I often scan Facebook posts for news fit to print, or at least put online.

More "news" trickles in on the Ellnora Guitar Fest

Krannert Center and a New York public-relations firm have over the past few weeks released, bit by bit, the lineup for the Ellnora Guitar Festival that will open the Krannert season in early September.

Champaign Parks Foundation buys sculpture in West Side Park

I virtually jumped for joy when I received a news release just now from the Champaign Parks Foundation about its purchase of a sculpture in West Side Park.

Roger Ebert wins Carl Sandburg Literary Award

I didn’t know Carl Sandburg wrote film criticism. But I do now because Roger Ebert posted on Facebook his May 2000 column about Sandburg and the movies.

Two unsung heroes behind Ebertfest

My Ebertfest glow has pretty much dissipated, even though I found this year’s festival the most inspiring yet.

The documentary "A Small Act" made me want to commit small acts of kindness, and the doc "Louder Than a Bomb" inspired me to do something big for others.

Documentary "45365" "tells us how similar we are"

When filmmakers brothers Turner and Bill Ross set out to make a documentary about their hometown, they wanted to depict the emotions and nuances of growing up in the Midwest.

Midway through Ebertfest, I'm stanca but satisfied

So we’re midway through the 13th annual Ebertfest.

How’s it shaping up?

Ebertfest audience believes in "Natural Selection"

When first reading Robbie Pickering’s script for "Natural Selection," actress Rachael Harris immediately connected with the protagonist Linda.

But Harris figured there was no way she would land the role, that it would likely go to one of the "much greater actresses" out there.