Art and About

Art and About

C-U Herb Society celebrates 35 years

I’ve never been much of a joiner. As a girl I didn’t even enjoy Girl Scouts that much.

And as a journalist I’ve had to avoid joining clubs and organizations. Might have to write a story about them one day, and that would be a conflict of interest.

Help for a nervous dog

Three weeks after I had to put down my border collie, Scoop, I took in another rescue border collie, a 7-month-old female given to me by a university student.

Where Scoop was bold and almost fearless, Bixie is timid and overly cautious.

Reclaim-to-Wear + Found Object Fashion Show a real blast

One of the coolest, make-you-smile-events I’ve covered is the Reclaim-to-Wear + Found Object Fashion Show, the culmination of the Art 299 course at the University of Illinois, taught by Susan Becker.

Traders Point Creamery near Indianapolis worth a trip

If you can’t make a dinner at Prairie Fruits Farm in rural C-U, head to Zionsville, Ind., just north of Indianapolis for a meal at Traders Point Creamery.

UI art historians and their interesting work

Does art historian Jonathan Fineberg ever let up?

The University of Illinois prof is now in China with UI prof Gary Xu. Both are guests of the "Reshaping History" exhibition at the National Convention Center in Beijing.

A Tribute to Francine Sinsabaugh

As a University of Illinois student in the ‘70s, I was privileged to take a photography course with Professor Art Sinsabaugh, who enjoyed an international reputation, particularly for his large-format, black-and-white photographs of Chicago and the Midwest landscape.

Artists Against AIDS finds more space, fewer sales

During Roger Ebert’s Film Festival I skipped "Apocalypse Now Redux" to visit the annual Artists Against Aids show and sale, in a new location this year.

2010 Ebertfest: An Overview

Roger Ebert’s Film Festival this year had a distinct international flavor, in more ways than one.

Ebertfest: Two different views of Los Angeles

Two of the 13 films in the 2010 Roger Ebert’s Film Festival offered starkly contrasting views of Los Angeles — sides of life that most of us Midwesterners never see.

Synecdoche panel with Charlie Kaufman most interesting yet of Ebertfest

Among the Ebertfest guests on stage with writer-director Charlie Kaufman on Friday night at the Virginia Theatre was a critic with an impressive pedigree and resume.