Central Illinois Gazette (February 2005)

Central Illinois Gazette (February 2005)

The nonstory of the election

The big furor over Democratic pollwatchers challenging Republican voters in Urbana's Democratic primary Tuesday turned out to be a nonstory.

A genuinely 'contested' election in Urbana Tuesday

Can the three-way Urbana Democratic mayoral primary on Tuesday get any weirder?

UPDATE: Hmm, Prussing's not on TV

Well, this can't be good news for the Laurel Prussing campaign ...

Prussing's on TV

Laurel Prussing's campaign for mayor of Urbana was scheduled to begin running television ads today on five stations -- CNN, CNN Headline News, Discovery, The Histiry Channel and The Weather Channel.

Just some stuff

I dont feel like writing about politics tonight. There will be plenty of that in the next week. But Ill make some other observations:

Birkett mulls a run for governor

The Associated Press is reporting that DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett is considering running for governor next year. The AP says that Birkett "narrowly lost" to Lisa Madigan in the race for attorney general in 2002.

Defection from Tod Satterthwaite's camp

Champaign County Board Democrat Tom Betz, who is Urbana Mayor Tod Satterthwaite's next-door neighbor, and who signed a fund-raising letter for the mayor a couple of months ago, now says he's supporting challenger Laurel Prussing in the Feb. 22 Democ