Central Illinois Gazette (April 2005)

Central Illinois Gazette (April 2005)

Impeach Blagojevich??

A friend (who probably shouldn't be identified given the nature of her work) gave me a nifty, homemade "Impeach Blagojevich" button that I will display proudly at work, alongside my "McGovern-Shriver '72" bumper sticker. That reminds me that I should also

Trading (TV) Places

I ran into a friend today who said that the long-awaited TV station trade -- WICD-TV from NBC to ABC and WAND-TV from ABC to NBC -- is expected to occur in September.

Still waiting for Blagojevich to "rock the system"

You may recall that on March 7, Gov. Rod Blagojevich promised to "rock the system in Springfield" with a series of legislative proposals to clean up Illinois' campaign fundraising laws.

A great radio story

I could not believe what I was hearing Friday morning when this story was broadcast over NPR.

The First of Many

It's early -- about 19 months until Election Day -- but I think this is a pretty good sign that Rod Blagojevich is in trouble.

The great and powerful Cantor

OK, I am finished defending this woman. (Make sure you read all the way to the bottom.)http://www.syracuse.com/search/index.ssf?/base/sports-1/111269033126279

Billy Packer

Does Billy Packer ever say anything that isn't as obvious as the shine on top of his head? Cripes, retire already! Please!