Central Illinois Gazette (January 2012)

Central Illinois Gazette (January 2012)

No more talk of freezing rain/sleet in Champaign, Vermilion counties today


From the National Weather Service ...

WGN projects a little more than 2 inches of snow for C-U, 7-plus inches for Chicago

The WGN-TV weather center projections show Champaign-Urbana could receive even less than the 3 to 5 inches of snow that had been forecasted.

National Weather Service observers say we have received about 2 inches so far in Champaign County area. Higher totals are reported to the northeast.


Written decision on Holderfield petition

The three-member Champaign County Electoral Board issued its written decision Tuesday in the case of Frank v. Holderfield, the effort to remove Stephanie Holderfield from the March 20 Republican Party primary election ballot. Holderfield is running for circuit court clerk, as is Rick Winkel, a former state legislator.

Not quite the end of the world but ...

Graphical depiction of the weather story for today.2 to 4 inches of snow would be the greatest amount, by far, so far this winter.

We haven't even had 4 inches of snow this winter season.

This graph is from the National Weather Service office in Lincoln.