Central Illinois Gazette (February 2012)

Central Illinois Gazette (February 2012)

Sinatra's playlist

In his wonderful Assembly Hall story this morning, Paul Klee writes that the big hall cannot remember Frank Sinatra's playlist from his Nov. 1, 1990, show. I preserved it although this may not be the right order (it doesn't seem like it would be) ...

Come Rain or Come Shine

World on A String

Summer Wind

Someone Who Needs Me

You Make Me Feel So Young

Local history: Two wintry blasts from the past

In 1912, Miss Daisy Walker, who teaches at the Bubank School near Ludlow, had an experience in Wednesday’s snowstorm that she will long remember. The weather showing no abatement, she released her pupils at 11 a.m. and started afoot for her home in Ludlow. She was accompanied by the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Yankee, who live on the road between the school and the village.

On this date in local history

In 1912, the Urbana school board issued a statement in support of building a new high school in the city. The present school was built with a capacity of 250 students and is serving 354.

Some winter, huh? Looks like continued warmer than normal days ahead

http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/30day/off14_temp.gifFrom NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, above average temperatures likely through min-March

Republican Winkel withdraws from circuit clerk race

Former state Sen. Rick Winkel of Urbana said today that he is pulling out of the March 20 primary election race for Champaign County circuit court clerk.
"When I announced I would run for circuit clerk, I expressed my desire to
reenter the public arena to serve the public. However, I have withdrawn my

Looks like our lengthy warm spell will continue

http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/30day/off15_temp.gifNational Weather Service  says we're right in the middle of the area most likely to have above average temperatures in February.