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Local history: a heroic pilot

In 1911, supporters of a new high school in Champaign are circulating a petition calling for a public vote on the issue. After a mass meeting last night, they already had 31 of the 50 names needed to force the vote.

State university employee headcounts

An Associated Press story today reports that Gov. Pat Quinn's budget includes adding 945 state jobs http://www.suntimes.com/news/3880869-418/quinn-plan-would-add-945-state-....

Here's a little more detail on which agencies in higher education are -- and are not -- getting more employees.

Count your blessings

Officially, Champaign-Urbana has had about 34.5 inches of snow this season.

By comparison Chicago has had 46 inches, New York City 56 inches, Newark, N.J. 62 inches and Boston 70.1 inches.



Preliminary snowfall totals from National Weather Service

Champaign-Urbana           2.2 inches

Danville                              3 inches