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Central Illinois Gazette

Campaign donors to Pat Quinn and Bill Brady from Champaign, Urbana and Danville

Following up on today's column in The News-Gazette, here's a little more information about local campaign contributions last year to Pat Quinn and Bill Brady from residents of Champaign, Urbana and Danville.

Here are the details:


Urbana donations to Quinn:

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Local history

In 1911, Champaign doesn’t want the commission form of government. The proposed change failed by 21 votes. "It was a case of practical politics backed by practical working politicians against theories and inexperienced political workers," said the Champaign Daily Gazette.

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Local history

In 1911, Judge Oliver A. Harker denied today that the University of Illinois College of Law is to be moved to Springfield. He said he believes he would have been consulted if such a move was being considered. It is understood that Gov. Deneen would like to see the law department in the state capitol.

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Local history

In 1911, Congressman W.B. McKinley of Champaign is visiting the island of Barbados. He has an interest in purchasing the Bridgetown Tramways Co. on the island.

Big day likely in Illinois House today

There's almost a full House in Springhfield this morning -- 113 members, according to the attendanmce roll call -- so things are set up for a tax increase vote.

Except that there's still no legislation to consider. Not yet. Still concerns that the gigantic tax increase couldbe changed. We'lll see.