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Daily dose: Local history, Frerichs/Bambenek, Gill gets boost from DCCC

Local history

In 1912, Chief of Police Keller and Officer Dodsworth arrested Warren L. Smith for keeping a disorderly house and later found that Smith had a quantity of ground opium on him. Smith, of 22 S. Oak St., is supposed to be a confirmed opium fiend. He is smoking the narcotic poison with tobacco in self-manufactured cigarettes.

The history of Champaign city managers; Steve Carter has led city for 27 of 54 years it has had a manager

Since today is the 50-year anniversary of the resignation of Champaign's first city manager, consider this:

The city has had just four city managers in 54 years.

Steve Carter has been city manager for slightly more than half of those 54 years. Carter began his tenure in Champaign on Feb. 18, 1985, some 27 years ago.

Daily dose: Champaign's first city manager resigned 50 years ago today

Local history

In 1912, eight men were arrested late Saturday night in the Bonner room of the Imperial Club, 20-22 N. Walnut St., Champaign, by Chief of Police Keller and Officer Cochrane. Poker chips, cards and a sum of money were gathered up in a basket by officers and taken to the police station with the eight men.

Daily dose: Local history and gun control debate

Local history

Daily dose: Local histor(ies), and Jim Edgar and Rodney Davis

Local history

July 21:

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