Central Illinois Gazette

Central Illinois Gazette

Two more candidates for MTD board

Two more people have submitted their names as potential members of the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District board, bringing to four the number of Democratic candidates.

New alternatives to Friedman and Stewart on MTD board

Champaign County Board members have an alternative to appointing H. George Friedman to another term as head of the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District board.

Democrats make some surprise additions to their county slate

There were some interesting developments Monday as Champaign County Democrats and Republicans tried to fill out their slates for the November general election.

A beautiful, underrated song

I got to enjoy my first University of Illinois commencement this past Sunday, and I had a much better time than I ever expected to. My wife got a master's degree -- Bravo! -- and we did the entire celebration, from the reception at the President's House t

Remembering the Urbana twisters

Our house in south Urbana is about four blocks from one section of town where the tornadoes hit 10 years ago. Unfortunately, my wife and I were away that night, over at the Round Barn in Champaign for a big reception for Lou Henson.

County Ds and Rs hold their conventions

There were no fireworks last night at either of the Champaign County political party conventions. County Republicans had a peaceful changing of the top guard with Jason Barickman succeeding Steve Hartman as party chairman. Democrats reelected

Primary Election Day, Part 2.6

The Democratic Party primary in Champaign County Board District 9 almost inevitably will be going to court, and a local jurist will have to determine the winner.

Primary Election Day, Part 2 1/2

They counted all the absentee and grace period votes in the Democratic Party primary in Champaign County Board District 9 today and ...

Primary Election Day, Part Two

Tomorrow is the second Democratic Party primary election day in Champaign County, at least if you are interested in the County Board District 9 race.

Thank God for Sports Illustrated

I was feeling pretty glum about this year's baseball season until the new Sports Illustrated arrived ... the one that predicts a Cardinals-White Sox World Series.