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About that conventional wisdom

Just a note as a followup to a post of earlier this week about the Champaign schools bond issue vote and the South West Champaign MTD Vote ...

Small prizes for Bill Brady and Edwin Eisendrath

They finished out of the running statewide, but at least Bill Brady and Edwin Eisendrath can claim victories in Champaign County.

Very bad news for Brady, Eisendrath

The weather forecast for Election Day is a killer for Bill Brady and Edwin Eisendrath. Both are dependant on big, helpful turnouts in central Illinois to boost their longshot candidacies.

New York Times columnist wants Dee Brown in New York

I wouldn't wish this on Dee Brown, but New York Times columnist William C. Rohden writes today that he would be great for the lowly Knicks.

Early voting is done

The results are in from Champaign County's first-ever run of early voting. Early voting (for those who are going to be out of town for Tuesdays primary election, or just wanted to vote early) ended in Illinois Thursday afternoon. There are some inter

Road trip!!??

If John Foreman wasn't such a mean boss, I would leave today for San Diego. According to MapQuest, it's only 2,027 miles from downtown Champaign to San Diego State University, home of Thursday's NCAA opening round game with Air Force.

Quit dissin' Air Force

A lot of people seem to think that Air Force (Illinois' first-round opponent in the NCAA tournament) doesn't belong there.

A relatively quiet Champaign County Lincoln Day Dinner

Most people probably were happy with tonight's Champaign County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner. It was a nice setting with a nice turnout.

Brady borrows big

Bill Brady claims he's the poor man among two of his three major Republican gubernatorial opponents (Ron Gidwitz and Jim Oberweis), but he's got to have ample resources himself.