Central Illinois Gazette

Central Illinois Gazette

Early voting attracts Republicans, except ...

So far in Champaign County, Republicans outnumber Democrats in early voting by almost 2-to-1.

Eisendrath buys TV -- but not in this market

Waiting until almost the last minute, the Edwin Eisendrath campaign announced today that the Democratic candidate for governor has bought TV time. Here's part of the announcement:

Candidate for Parkland presidency drops out

One of the six candidates for the presidency of Parkland College has dropped out. Might this editorial have had something to do with it?

More on early voting

I didn't know what to expect from the move to early voting in Illinois. But it appears to be a success. Through Thursday, 275 people in Champaign County had voted early. That's almost 70 a day.

Where is Hoopeston anyway?

Nice story here about Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/chi-0603050285mar05,1,2001422.story?coll=chi-sport

Scott Cochrane must be so proud

Local bar owner Scott Cochrane, a member of the Champaign Liquor Advisory Commission and the man who claims that he has trademarked the term, "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day," must be so proud of this gift to humanity:

Tribune, Sun-Times make endorsements

In Sunday's editions, the two major Chicago papers made their endorsements in the Republican gubernatorial race -- the Tribune backing Chicagoan Ron Gidwitz, the Sun-Times supporting suburbanite Judy Baar Topinka.

Bad news for Eisendrath?

If Edwin Eisendrath was scoring any points at all with his lame (so far) campaign for governor, it would show up in Champaign County.

Editorial endorsements for governor

There was a rumor going around that the Chicago Tribune was going to endorse in the governor's race today.