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A successful benefit for Mount Carmel Academy

Well, we had our fund-raiser in Urbana last Saturday for Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans and I consider it a pretty big success.

Judy versus The Boys

Ron Gidwitz started the melee last week and now the other major Republican candidates for governor have joined him ... http://www.chicagotribun

A warm way to spend a cold February day in East Central Illinois

The high temperature Saturday is going to be about 15 degrees, there's no Illini game to sweat over, so what else do you have to do from 3 to 7 p.m. on the coldest day of the year out on the prairie?

Now this is what you call a bad week

This is certainly an interesting take on the "Deadeye Dick" Cheney story:

Gloves are off in the GOP gubernatorial race

The wait is over, the attack on the front-runner -- so what if she's the only woman in the race, these are desperate times -- has begun. It was inevitable that Gidwitz, Brady or Oberweis would have to begin to beat up on Judy Baar Topinka. The gloves are

It may be cold, it may be February, but summer's nearing

The days are getting longer, the number of basketball games left is dwindling, pitchers and catchers report to Arizona and Florida this week and -- best of all -- the Central Ilinois Collegiate League baseball schedule is out.

This will not hurt Dan Rutherford

This is the kind of stuff that state Sen. Dan Rutherford has been waiting for in his quest to upset Secretary of State Jesse White.

Does this count as pay to play?

The Service Employees International Union, Illinois Council is being very good to Illinois Democrats, as it probably should be.

About Jimmy John's support for Dan Rutherford

Because of space limitations and the fact that his response came in after the column appeared in Wednesday morning's edition of The News-Gazette, we weren't able to publish much of James Liautaud's explanation for why he has given $30,500 to Dan Rutherfor