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Just what he wanted

This http://www.nytimes.com/2005/11/16/national/16children.html?pagewanted=1 is just what Gov. Rod Blagojevich wanted from his All Kids bill-signing ceremony Tuesday.

More on Winkel for U.S. attorney

Here's the full News-Gazette story on state Sen. Rick Winkel's application/recommendation for the U.S. attorney's position in Springfield:

More on gasoline prices

A News-Gazette gas prices site -- http://www.news-gazette.com/gasprice2005/ -- shows that prices here continue to drop like a rock ($1.91 a gallon!), even while they're 50 to 60 cents higher in subur

Rick Winkel lands on his feet (??)

From this afternoon's News-Gazette:

More on Gas Wars

Yep, we're in the middle of a gasoline price war that seems not to have spread anywhere beyond Champaign-Urbana.

Wow, what's going on and how'd we get so lucky?

We have a good, old-fashioned gas war going on in C-U, especially in C. Nowhere else in Illinois is gas priced lower than here. Check this out:

I love the timing of this story

Just as the White Sox seem ready to wrap their grimy fingers around their first World Championship since the days before radio and hard roads in Champaign County, this story

Bye-bye Busch

I am not a St. Louis Cardinals fan but I have come to appreciate Busch Stadium. Of all the baseball parks I have been in -- and my wife will tell you that I have been in way too many -- Busch is probably among the worst.

Oh, those Daily Illini kids

I can't repeat it here, but there's a pretty funny headline (actually a jump headline) on page 7 of today's Daily Illini. It must have been written by a frustrated and perhaps envious Cubs fan. who is also a DI copy editor.