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Central Illinois Gazette

Privatization of universities

This http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/16/education/16college.html is an interesting New York Times story about an issue that really hasn't gotten much attention in Illinois. But it sho

Bring back Nomar!

I was unsure about whether the Cubs should bring back Nomar Garciparra but this should seal the deal -- provided he didn't hurt himself being a hero.

Back from the Appalachian Trail

A few loyal blog readers have inquired about how the rest of the Appalachian Trail trip went. I addressed it in today's column in the N-G.

An urban legend that must die

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is quoted in the Chicago Tribune today asserting that Chicago is a Cubs town -- but only because the Tribune owns the Cubs.

On the road

I'm writing this on the road -- from a hostel near Harpers Ferry, WV. My friend Mark and I are completing a section of the Appalachian Trail from 80 miles south of Harpers Ferry to 40 miles north.

Should New Orleans be rebuilt?

We've broached this topic on the editorial page but haven't received much comment yet.

A centennial in downtown Champaign

What downtown Champaign building will mark the centennial of its dedication on Friday, Sept. 23?

We could have bared our soul too

Here's an idea that Nancy Cantor should have tried in her brief time at the University of Illinois:

McGinty won't challenge Frerichs for Senate seat

As much as local Republicans would like to see it, it still appears that there won't be a Democratic Party primary for the 52nd District Senate seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Rick Winkel of Urbana.

Champaign County is ready for Gulf State evacuees

They're set in Champaign-Urbana for whatever the hurricane blows our way.