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Central Illinois Gazette

A library that looks like Champaign?

They just broke ground for the new Champaign Library, a project long overdue. That's the good news.

Another history question

Next month is the 50th anniversary of the announcement (but not the construction) of what $3 million development in Champaign?

"Welcome to Tolono"

After waiting almost too long, we finally got a chance to see "Welcome to Tolono" at the Station Theatre in Urbana last weekend. I only wish I had seen it earlier in its run so that I might have a chance to see it again.

Carle City Hospital???

On Aug. 23, 1930, voters in Urbana rejected a property tax increase that would have allowed the city government to take over the Margaret Carle Hospital, also known as the Eastern Illinois Memorial Sanitarium, and run it as a public hospital.

A question of history

We're approaching the anniversary of a local event that might have had a significant effect on Champaign-Urbana, even to this day.

Very good news for the people of Champaign County

This has been a pretty good year for the people of Champaign County, what with millions of dollars in new developments either under construction or on the drawing boards. In most cases, that is good news for local taxing districts (which reap the benefit

Good advice

This is very good writing, and good, thoughtful advice.

All that money to contenders for guv

OK, all that money that Gov. Rod Blagojevich has raised in the last six months is an impressive sum. He pulled in $4.7 million, including a breathtaking $250,000 from just one union -- the Service Employees International Union Illinois Council.

Jakobsson and Feinen finances

One year away from what could be another showdown between incumbent state Rep. Naomi Jakobsson, D-Urbana, and Champaign Republican Deborah Frank Feinen, neither candidate has much money.

On the road to see James Taylor

We took what has become almost an annual pilgimmage to a James Taylor concert (just about my favorite performer since Sinatra died) Tuesday night in Indy. Good show, not great. I think it was better than this review