Central Illinois Gazette

Central Illinois Gazette

The $44,000 Urbana mayoral campaign

Laurel Prussing spent $23.975.12 to win election as mayor of Urbana this spring, campaign disclosure records show.

Johnson's vote on Patriot Act

Today's Roll Call Report in The News-Gazette incorrectly reported that U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson voted to reauthorize the extention of the USA Patriot Act.

Paul Vallas isn't going anywhere

This http://www.elections.il.gov/CampaignDisclosure/D2Semi.aspx?id=302782 ought to kill any of the conjecture that Paul Vallas is going to run against Rod Blagojevich next

How 'bout those Dans?!!

Saturday Night was CUBS (Champaign-Urbana Baseball Stalwarts) Night and Danville Stadium and, man, did the Danville Dans put on a show! The Central Illinois Collegiate League club smacked Springfield, 21-1. They followed that up with another big win Sunda

Be careful with those fireworks

Tuscola had a great (professional) fireworks show tonight -- except that the dry conditions caused at least two minor (I think) fires. One appeared to be in the backyard of a home along the Iron Horse Golf Course on Tuscola's north side, the other appeare

Return of the Champaign-Urbana Baseball Stalwarts (CUBS)

The Champaign-Urbana Baseball Stalwarts (CUBS) will be back in the Freedom Celebration Committee parade in Champaign-Urbana on Monday.

Oh yeah, that was one hot month

In case you didn't notice, June was one heckuva hot month. Champaign-Urbana recorded 16 days with temperatures of 90 degrees or more (the highest temp was 95), which is 10 more than normal and 14 more than last June.

Democrats who stick around will rue this day

This horrible deal has not nearly as much to do with guaranteeing the pensions of state workers (they're already protected by the state Constitution) as it does with stiffing Rod Blagojevich's kids and Mike Madigan's grandkids (and Naomi Jakobsson's kids

Pension deal may be in trouble. Good.

I ran into Sen. Rick Winkel last night and he warned that the Blagojevich/Madigan/Jones pension deal may be in trouble. Good.

Bruce Weber = Good sport

They had a good time in Carbondale Sunday night at Bruce Weber's expense.