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The great and powerful Cantor

OK, I am finished defending this woman. (Make sure you read all the way to the bottom.)http://www.syracuse.com/search/index.ssf?/base/sports-1/111269033126279

Billy Packer

Does Billy Packer ever say anything that isn't as obvious as the shine on top of his head? Cripes, retire already! Please!

They really did win

I know I have not kept up with this blog lately. As Billy Packer would say, "I've been laxadaisical." But I have been other occupied. Really. So busy, in fact, that I was unable to see even one minute of last Saturday's Thriller in the Chiller, otherwise

Most Favored Business Status

For years Ive wondered why the bars in Champaigns Campustown seem to be able to get away with everything short of murder  drink specials and other outrageous promotions -- things that obviously are designed to have young adults drink as much as

An underappreciated basketball program

As a longtime Illinois basketball fan theres one thing that is bothering me about all the attention going to the Illini this year: too many people, nationally and locally, are acting as though Illinois has never been that great a basketball team, or prog

A sure sign of summer

Yeah, I know it's still basketball season -- and I think it'll be Illini basketball season for another 30 days or so -- but here's one sign that summer is not that far away: the 2005 Danville Dans schedule.

The nonstory of the election

The big furor over Democratic pollwatchers challenging Republican voters in Urbana's Democratic primary Tuesday turned out to be a nonstory.

A genuinely 'contested' election in Urbana Tuesday

Can the three-way Urbana Democratic mayoral primary on Tuesday get any weirder?

UPDATE: Hmm, Prussing's not on TV

Well, this can't be good news for the Laurel Prussing campaign ...

Prussing's on TV

Laurel Prussing's campaign for mayor of Urbana was scheduled to begin running television ads today on five stations -- CNN, CNN Headline News, Discovery, The Histiry Channel and The Weather Channel.