Cinema-Scoping (March 2013)

Cinema-Scoping (March 2013)

The Harvest Moon Drive-In set to shine this weekend

Though we may have had a foot of snow drop on us this past weekend, there are sure signs that spring is right around the corner.  One of them is that the Harvest Moon Drive-In in Gibson City is set to open this Friday for the 24th year of its current incarnation.  Though there has been an outdoor theater on the site at since 1954, it has closed and re-opened numerous times.

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If you’re a classic film buff like me, old movies you saw years ago pop in your mind from time to time and you find yourself asking, “I wonder if that's available on home video?” It’s been my experience that unless it is a well-known title or it stars one of the greats from Hollywood’s Golden Age, the answer is usually “No.”

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