Cinema-Scoping (December 2014)

Cinema-Scoping (December 2014)

Franco Shines in Lackluster “Interview”

All that trouble for this…

Rock Goes for Broke with Top Five

Building awareness about a mid-budget film is a tricky thing in today’s Hollywood (upsetting a nation leading to a cyber-attack that puts your own country on high alert is one such method…but I digress). Often publicity departments err in generating hype so large that the film in question can’t live up to it.

Witherspoon and Vallee Fully Invest in Powerful "Wild"

There are many ways that Jean-Marie Vallee’s adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s memoir Wild could have gone wrong.  A story anchored more by internal struggles than external conflict this is the sort of insular story that’s often difficult to present in a film with directors often falling back on melodramatic methods when all else fails.