Sports Films and the Game of Life

Sport films are never about sports; they’re life lessons that take place before crowds of thousands adoring fans or in the recesses of old locker rooms where the athlete in question comes to terms with his purpose in life, reflected by his play on the field.  Many of these movies revolve around such pivotal moments so it comes as no surprise that most scenes of this sort don’t concern them

Weekend DVD Picks - 4-5-2013

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Remembering Mr. Ebert


The Harvest Moon Drive-In set to shine this weekend

Though we may have had a foot of snow drop on us this past weekend, there are sure signs that spring is right around the corner.  One of them is that the Harvest Moon Drive-In in Gibson City is set to open this Friday for the 24th year of its current incarnation.  Though there has been an outdoor theater on the site at since 1954, it has closed and re-opened numerous times.

ClassicFlix - An oasis for the classic film fan


If you’re a classic film buff like me, old movies you saw years ago pop in your mind from time to time and you find yourself asking, “I wonder if that's available on home video?” It’s been my experience that unless it is a well-known title or it stars one of the greats from Hollywood’s Golden Age, the answer is usually “No.”

Weekend DVD Picks - 3/8/13

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TCM's Oscar Festival comes to a rousing conclusion

Turner Classic Movie’s 31 Days of Oscar Festival comes to a close this weekend and they’ve saved some of the best for last.  One of the finest westerns every made and what is considered the greatest comedy are being screened as is a Best Picture winner and a classic epic comedy.