"Now" not as magical as it wants to be

One of the things that’s mentioned often in Louis Leterrier’s heist movie Now You See Me, which focuses on a quartet of Robin Hood-like illusionists, is that the secret to a good magic trick is mastering the art of misdirection.  Any trickster worth his salt would agree that the linchpin of most any trick is getting the audience to look left while the sleight of hand is occurring

'Darkness' a worthy addition to 'Trek' canon

Viewers are likely to be sharply divided after seeing J.J.

My Favorite Movie

I hear this question all the time – “What’s your favorite movie?” – and the response never changes though it does tend to take some people aback when I give them my answer.

Three Unique Venues for "Iron Man 3"


Estimates are being made that Iron Man 3 will take in north of $150 million at the box office this weekend as it finally opens up on over 3500 screens in North America.  Having already blown past the $200 million mark in Europe, this seems to be a safe bet and it looks like money in the bank for Marvel Films and Paramount Pictures.

Free Bond for the Weekend

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Sports Films and the Game of Life

Sport films are never about sports; they’re life lessons that take place before crowds of thousands adoring fans or in the recesses of old locker rooms where the athlete in question comes to terms with his purpose in life, reflected by his play on the field.  Many of these movies revolve around such pivotal moments so it comes as no surprise that most scenes of this sort don’t concern them