Double Features: N-G Features Online (May 2011)

Let us know about your Independence Day events

Is your town or club planning a huge celebration for Independence Day? Let us know, and we’ll include it in our collection of area events for the holiday.

New policy on News-Gazette milestones

The News-Gazette is changing its policy on engagements, weddings and civil unions.

Effective June 1, there will be a $20 charge for all engagement announcements. Weddings will continue to carry a $50 charge and so will civil union ceremonies.

Owner has hope that Tuxedo, the missing cat from PetTails, still in the area

We featured the story of Champaign resident Kathy Lee Weber and her cats, especially her missing Tuxedo,  in our May 9 PetTails. Weber sent us an update; you can see the original story below. She's received several phone calls about the missing cat, and still has hope.

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