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Changes in TV grids

Saturday in The News-Gazette: Alma Mater needs help, shooting consequences, Illini grid preview

In Saturday's News-Gazette, the Alma Mater is in worse shape than thought, a shooting victim tries to cope a year later and the Illini prepare to play Penn State in football.

In Friday's News-Gazette: Champaign teachers, nuclear research grant, Big Ten football

In Friday's paper, we'll have stories about a strike authorization vote by Champaign teachers, a grant for nuclear research at the University of Illinois and no respect for Big Ten football.

Wednesday's News-Gazette: declining higher ed support, big spending in congressional race, big gift for Parkland

In Wednesday's newspaper, we'll have stories about declining higher ed support, big spending in a local Congressional race and a big gift for Parkland.
Julie Wurth reports that Illinois has made another dubious top 10 list, ranking fourth nationally in a study that examined the steep decline in state support for America’s top public research universities.

Comics update: 'Frazz,' 'Tundra' join the lineup

Comics fans have noticed some changes this week to The News-Gazette’s daily and Sunday comics pages.
“Frazz” and “Tundra” have joined the daily lineup, replacing “Cul de Sac” and “Barney & Clyde.”

Tuesday's News-Gazette: Life's secrets probed, Marine returns for visit, next Illini grid foe

In Tuesday's paper, we ask some cosmic questions, visit with a former troubled student who is now a Marine and look at the next Illini football foe — a team that plays at a rapid-fire pace.

Friday's News-Gazette: Larger UI budget, South First Street work, football column

In Friday's newspaper, we'll have stories about a larger UI budget, work on South Fourth Street and a proclamation by sports columnist Loren Tate.

Thursday's News-Gazette: Urbana apartment project, UI rankings, summer not that hot after all

In Thursday's newspaper, we're reporting on an apartment project in Urbana, how the University of Illinois fared in national rankings and a hot summer that wasn't that hot after all.

In Wednesday's News-Gazette: Record UI enrollment, Habitat blitz build, housing authority opening

In Wednesday's paper, we'll look at record UI enrollment, a Habitat blitz build in Danville and what's at stake in the Champaign mayor's appointment of a housing authority commissioner.

In Tuesday's News-Gazette: Champaign teachers, fitness program, Illini breakdown

In Tuesday's newspaper, we're planning stories about a Champaign teachers' picket, a local company part of a national fitness program, and in Sports, an Illini communications breakdown.

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