Editor's Desk

New look to Tuesday's paper

The News-Gazette is going back to a four-section format starting June 30, and we're also adding some new features to the mix.

Backlog in letters

We've had an unusually large number of letters to the editor in the queue for a while now, and we're working to catch up.

Let the sun shine in

There are some encouraging signs as this year's National Sunshine Week takes place.

Tuesday paper to see some changes

The Tuesday paper will be reduced from 24 to 20 pages and some features will move to different days.

Bye-bye to Opus

Opus the Penguin's last day in the  comics is this Sunday, Nov. 2.

Election 2008

New Web feature will give you local, national election news.

Wall Street and Main Street

A package of stories in Sunday's Business section of The News-Gazette will take a look at how this week's crisis on Wall Street affects consumers.

Crossword fans, we're sorry

We printed the wrong solution in Sunday's paper.

The high price of driving

Outside of Chicago, gasoline prices in Illinois compared well with other states on a recent trip.

Comics and classifieds

Sometimes there just isn't space. Here's why.

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